30 hours and counting….more or less

As I type this it’s 11:30 on Thursday.  Our flight leaves at 8am on Saturday and we’ll leave the house around 5:30am on Saturday…which means it’s about 30 hours until our journey to our new home begins.

We are….mostly….packed.  There are a few errands left to be run, dvds to pick out for the flights (heavy on the Elmo for Elanor) from our collection, and a party to attend.  My replacement kindle should arrive tomorrow after today’s unfortunate accident whereupon somehow I broke my kindle’s screen, which led to much cursing.

Personally, I’m feeling a bit empty…as though I’m feeling so many things at once that I’m not sure what to feel.  Excitement, exasperation (mostly at the whole packing thing), anticipation, fear, sadness, homesickness…it all ebbs and flows from minute to minute.

On the upside, at least I can say that my time in Boston ended on a personal high note.  I dropped by the Chestnut Hill Mall to pick up a few things for Elanor from Gymboree and as I was cutting through Bloomingdale’s on the way back to my car, I got to see Tim Gunn from “Project Runway”!  He was doing a personal appearance at the Kate Spade show, which just happened to be next to the escalator.  Again, only because of our departure from Boston, I’ve taken to carrying my camera with me at all times, which allowed me to get a few pictures.

Make it work, people….

Not bad advice for me today, or any day….

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