Taking a local tradition a bit too far?

All of the guidebooks and expat guides to moving to Singapore mention a particular local custom.

You “chop” (reserve)  a seat at a food court or a restaurant (like the one at IKEA) by putting down a package of tissues/ umbrella/ bag/ etc.

But last night I saw the most unusual “chop” I’ve seen yet–a cell phone.  My first instinct was that the person had forgotten it, but no…a few minutes later the owner appeared with his tray, sat down, and proceeded to eat and text away.

I realize the crime rate is almost nonexistent here, but maybe that’s taking the tradition a bit too far?  As the mall signs all say “Low crime doesn’t mean NO crime…don’t stick your head in the sand-BE AWARE”.

For what it’s worth, if we had a better connection speed I would’ve taken pictures of both the cellphone and the poster.

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2 Responses to Taking a local tradition a bit too far?

  1. bookjunkie says:

    i used to leave my bag with the wallet and everything by the pool when I went swimming. but this was at the pool at the local uni. yup i guess we take our low crime for granted.

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