Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow we get possession of our apartment!

We won’t be moving in until early next week as we need to get some furniture to sleep on before we can move there, but we’ll have our home.

We were contemplating renting some furniture because of all the horror stories we’ve heard about late shipments, shipments that are delayed in customs, and were basically told we’d never see our stuff again.  BUT we just got an email this week that the ship our stuff is on will arrive in Singapore on May 24 and the estimated release date is the 27th/28th of May so we decided we could make do with the sleeper sofa we’re buying from IKEA for the 10-14 days until our shipment arrives.

It’s such a relief to feel like the move is almost over.  While we have a lovely temporary apartment, it’s not OURS and it’s not OUR stuff.  I’m sure the other parents can understand that I stress constantly about Ella throwing yogurt onto the rug or deciding to color on the furniture or the walls (not that we aren’t watching her like a hawk when we give her crayons, but still…). I’m looking forward to sleeping in my bed and putting E in her crib instead of her pack n play (and in her own room instead of the living room).  I miss my kitchen stuff and am dying to bake again.

There is so much to look forward to in the next few weeks.  Our new home, our things arriving, and Elanor will resume her gymnastics classes at the Little Gym (the same franchised company she took classes with back home in Massachusetts) in early June.

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