Ravi and I have both been homesick this week…and often for small moments since we’ve been here, but it definitely centers around certain things…

Missing our friends and our family.  It’s so odd that we can’t just meet you for dinner, go over and play bridge at your house, have you come spend a day with us.  Luckily we’ve always recalled the time difference, so no one has gotten the 2am phone call…but I know that’s when I tend to be most homesick.  When it’s the middle of the afternoon here and I’m doing something that I’d love to share with a friend or have some downtime and would just like to connect with a friend and it’s the middle of the night there.  It’s not that I don’t know that I COULD call (some of) you anyways, but it’s never been bad enough homesickness to warrant it.

Things that are just hard here, that feel like they shouldn’t be. Usually stupid stuff, like figuring out where to buy a shower rod with spring tension instead of twist tension, or what temperature to set the oven to cook something at 375 degrees F.  The small things just make us sigh, and realize that you never appreciate the stupid small stuff every day.  Even just trying to find certain stuff like a non-skid mat for the tub can turn into an all day search when before I would just go to Target and pick up 17 other things while I was there.

Stuff we can’t buy here. I’m beginning to think that grape jam is as fake as “blue raspberry” slushies.  Grocery stores here have the widest variety of any place I’ve ever been when it comes to jams and jellies and none of the 73,602 flavors is grape…which is, of course, my favorite.  Ravi is missing Twinkies.  I live in fear of how a pregnancy will go without heavily salted Premium Saltines (they have the salt-less ones here and other salt-less crackers).  There’s tons of other examples, but we just made our grocery list so food is sort of foremost in my brain right now.

I realize that we’re lucky.  My helper has a 7 year old daughter who she only gets to talk to on Skype once a week, and whom she hasn’t seen in person in over a year.  Ten years ago when I went to France for a month, I ran up a 2,000 dollar phone bill because there weren’t local sims for cell phones and no one had email, much less youtube, facebook, texting, skype and blogs like this one to stay in touch.  But when you’re homesick and all you want to do is hang out at Target with your friends or have a playdate at the Discovery Museum, you can feel every mile of the 10,000 that are between you and your loved ones.

But it’s hard not to miss our home…go here for the video…

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5 Responses to Homesickness

  1. cubicalgirl says:

    I know what you mean. I miss Philly and my friends and family so much. But I’m so lucky in that I can just hop on the train and go home for a visit. But I have confidence that as you continue to get settled and meet other ex-pat (and non ex-pat) folks you’ll have new people to go to the movies and have playdates with. Hang in there!

  2. Rebecca Redin says:

    Ah, bummer! The first few months are hard. . . just wait, I promise it gets easier (at least in the grocery shopping realm). You’ll figure out a new norm. . . won’t be the same, but it’ll be good, too.

    Here’s to hoping you find your shower rod and salty saltines!


  3. Love Nickerson says:

    dude, the link to your “home” video is totally burried! you need to give that its own post so more people will see it! Well done!

  4. Daphne says:

    If I can help you with any information, all you have to do is ask… =)

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