Universal Studios Singapore

Note in advance–sorry for the crappy formatting…I tried to fix it and can’t.  This will also take forever to load because of multiple vids and plenty of photos.  Sorry.

Universal Studios Singapore is newly open.  We went during the “soft open” in late April before the official open on May 1.

I’m not sure what the FL or CA Universal Studios are like, but he one in Singapore is pretty small.  There are different main areas-Hollywood/New York where it’s mostly shops, shows and food.  There’s a Sci-Fi area with one ride (not yet open) and one that will open in a year.  There’s Jurassic Park (with rides themed on the movie), a Shrek area, a Madagascar area and an Egypt area..
This is right inside the main gate by a Mel’s Diner.  They do several numbers, all stolen from “Hairspray” with slightly re-worked words. Go here if the vid doesn’t load.

The Sci-Fi area is currently BSG Themed.  There’s going to be some kind of big Transformers thing in a year or two, but right now it’s just the BSG coaster (which is currently not operational due to a safety hazard or something).

When it opens, though it’s going to be awesome.  They’ve set it up as a pair of dueling coasters themed “Human” and “Cylon” (only makes sense if you know the show).  Cylon is also the only coaster at Universal that will go upside down, so it’s totally a bummer that it’s not open yet.

Right now with the coaster closed, they just have the BSG themed store and some people dressed all “sci-fi” walking around on stilts, like this….

Look!  I’m tall and shiny–don’t I make up for the lack of two rollercoasters?

The Egypt area is actually themed after The Mummy movies.  I’m a bit puzzled as to why…although I can’t dispute Brendan Fraser’s hotness (in the first one, anyways) it’s not like they were GOOD movies.  The resulting two rides in this area are also kind of lame.  There’s a kid friendly “treasure hunt” ride, which is just sitting in a buggy while poorly animated things that aren’t even remotely scary (even to Ella) lethargically move towards you (and you can hear the gears moving at several points).  There’s an indoor roller coaster but I heard people complaining that it sucked so I didn’t waste my time on it.

But there are photo ops, like this, so it’s not a total waste of space….

I don’t have any pics from Jurassic Park.  The coaster there was fun, if super short.  There were also some kid rides that E missed due to her nap.

There’s a giant spectacular show, but it’s not stroller friendly, so as E was napping, we missed it.

However, we next entered…

Confession time…I lurve me some Shrek (well, not Shrek 3, but let’s all pretend it was just a mass hallucination and forget it ever happened, m’kay?).

There’s a great 4-D show with the premise being Lord Farquart’s ghost has come back to haunt them, and is going to kidnap Fiona, etc.  E even sat through it, although the pre-show in the lobby goes on FOREVER, so with young kids, wait to enter for as long as possible.  She didn’t keep the glasses on, so I’m not sure why she was so enraptured, but she was.

There’s a kiddy ferris wheel in The Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop, but I didn’t put E on it alone and it’s too small to go on with her.  There was also a coaster themed like Dragon, and it was cute, but not really impressive as coasters go.

Finally we get to Madagascar, which has a store (natch), food stall, and King Julien’s Merry Go Round.  They also have the following show, which is impressive when you take into account how freaking hot Singapore is (mid to high 90s the day I shot this plus high humidity)…not sure how someone hasn’t passed out in these costumes….

Then they stand around and pose for pictures…cah-rahzy.

And that’s about it…except that there’s a huge fountain outside…and well, the inevitable happened

Fountain 1, Elanor 0

In the end, I did get a membership for the next year.  If I go six times (and I will for lack of better stuff to do, and because E loved the live shows, even the ones I thought were kind of lame) it will have more than paid for itself.

As there’s nothing better, it’s not bad…but Six Flags in Mass could crush it like a bug, much less the bigger parks I’ve been to like Disneyland.

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6 Responses to Universal Studios Singapore

  1. Ange says:

    *giggling like mad at the Elanor vs. Fountain video* – of COURSE she imitated what that other kid was doing, what with the stepping on the fountain. Did she start crying at the end? It cut off and someone swooped in for her, so I couldn’t tell.

    It seems REALLY cool to have that so close at hand. Even if it’s tiny and lame. Whalom Park stayed open for awhile too, right?

  2. Crystal says:

    @Ange–She did start sobbing. My helper swooped in and grabbed her as I shut off the camera and lunged in too. E was fine like 5 seconds later.

    Did you know they’re raising money to re-open Whalom?

  3. cubicalgirl says:

    That Hairspray number was a trip. It’s also crazy that the guys’ ’50s fashions were all modified as shorts but then guys in the mascot costumes had to sweat it out.

    Love the video of E and the fountain! You should send that to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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