Maybe this is what the Natick Mall needs?

As I’ve said before, Singapore is a country of malls.  It is wall to wall malls.  There are even malls in the underground passes you use to avoid trying to cross busy streets.  Malls that connect malls.  Malls just outside the subway entrance in case you need a shopping fix before your journey or if the 15 minutes you’ve spent on the subway have left you jonesing for your next hit.

With all of those malls, I imagine it’s hard to stand out from the competition.  In order to do so, some malls specialize..there’s the Funan IT mall (which is all IT related stores) the Forum mall (which specializes in kids shops with a few nods to the “moms,” like a shoe store) or Lucky Plaza (which markets itself to the large Filipino population).  Others, like The City Square Mall, market themselves on being unique–The City Square Mall is the first fully green mall in Singapore and has an integrated urban park.  Finally, there are the gimmicks…Suntec City Mall used to be the biggest mall in Singapore (until Vivo City opened) and now it advertises itself based on its Fountain of Wealth (which is claims is the biggest in the world).  Vivo City, the current largest mall in the country, on the other hand has….the Drummer Boys (along with a rooftop wading pool and a lower level kids play area…very rare in Singapore).

They perform 2x a day on Fridays, Weekends, and Holidays.  They march around the mall doing their thing and then do a show in the middle of the mall.

BTW-in the right hand upper corner, you’re also seeing part of a fashion show cohosted by Levis and some car company.  If you like this sort of thing, there are much better videos of them on Youtube.

The gimmicks to get you into the malls are truly astounding…maybe Natick should try it since they’ve been suffering a downturn in foot traffic?

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