More experience with the Medical System

I made Ravi go to the ER last night after he’d been sick for about a week, getting worse and wheezier every day.

That he let me make him go is a sign that he was pretty sick.  He’s not phobic about hospitals but he’s a lot like the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail when it comes to being sick…video below for those who don’t know the reference.

They began with a nebulizer treatment (pretty standard for asthmatics who are having trouble breathing), and then did an x-ray of his lungs.  Which is when we found out that he has pnuemonia.  They gave him a second nebulizer treatment because he was at half lung capacity when they checked with a peak flow meter.  Finally they gave him the choice of going home but going to a doctor on Monday or being admitted.  Not suprisingly Ravi decided to come home.

We were sent home with prednisone, an antibiotic, a cough syrup, something he mixes with water and drinks to loosen phleghm and possibly one other thing that I’m blanking on.

Total time at the ER–about 2/3 hours.

Total cost–$430 including a surcharge for an after-hours x-ray.

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  1. Musns says:

    Hey darlin, if that powdery stuff you mix with water is anything like what they had in Europe, it’s good stuff. I know, not the same as antibiotics, but works really good.

    ((hugs to you and family))

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