A short update…

Ravi and I are both on the mend, although we are not better yet.  It turned out that my illness was a lingering case of food poisoning (the bacteria they found is the most common bacteria to cause food poisoning).  Ravi has had his asthma regimen changed and is taking antibiotics as well but needs to take it a little easy for the time being.

Elanor is fine.  She’s recently started saying “sorry,” mostly because she’s been doing a lot of kicking, which makes us tell her to say “sorry.”  We had planned to start potty training with her, but have postponed it until everyone is healthy.  She is totally psyched to have all her toys again, and cheerfully strews them about many times a day.  She’s also walking more and we’re leaving the stroller at home or bringing it but not using it (for her, anyways….it’s still a great makeshift grocery cart) more and more.

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