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First a quick note–if you were interested in the Milo (choc drink post)…please go read the updated post.  A local mom commented and I was wrong about some stuff.  Thanks for the comment!

Now back to our regularly scheduled post


I’m so sick of being sick.  I’ve spent a huge chunk of the last month indoors on my couch or in my bed as illness after illness laid me low.  The other American mom I know here says it happened to her and a lot of her friends, too…sort of an unmentioned rite of passage.

Anyway, I was sick of being sick…so I decided to see a movie in the Gold Class cinema.

Gold Class is the luxe brand of the Golden Village Chain.  It’s somewhat similar to the cinema De Luxe at Patriot Place (and I think there’s one in Dedham now, too) but rather than just the top few rows of the cinema, here it is an entire theater retrofitted to luxurious standards.

For about $20 US, you get…

Sorry-iPhone camera and bad lighting

Your very own over-sized recliner with a blanket.  A table between your seat and the one next to you with a call button for butler service.  Butler service can bring you soda, wine, mixed drinks, popcorn, candy, appetizers and dinner.  Your recliner, at the push of a button can recline almost flat.

It’s not a cheap date (even when you’re just taking yourself out), but the dedicated line (so you don’t have to wait), the dedicated lounge (for pre-movie eating if that’s more to your liking) and the table service (skipping the popcorn lines) all make for a pampered experience.

After feeling crappy for so long, it definitely felt nice to be pampered.

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