Places to eat with Kids #1–Marche

Marche is not cheap.  But they have some of the most kid-friendly features I’ve seen in Singapore (or anywhere) that isn’t a fast food joint, so I don’t care.

I dragged Ravi there on our second day in Singapore because I recognized the name from its several year tenure at the Prudential Center in Boston.  I remembered the wide variety of food choices and thought that every member of our picky family would be happy.

I had no idea they also have this…

Back View

Side/Front View

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Marche is sort of a high-end cafeteria style restaurant.  There are tons of different stations (seafood, pasta, pizza, grill, salad, etc) and you’re given a card (“passport”) when you enter.  Each time you get food, they swipe your card.  You carry your tray to the table and a waiter type takes the tray, gets you pepper, whatever.

As a parent, especially as a parent who eats out fairly regularly with her child, I have never seen anything like this before and only wish I saw it everywhere.  It is quite possibly the most intelligent way to handle the highchair/tray conundrum EVER.  I’d fall and kiss the ground if McDonalds were to do something like this, quite frankly.

Marche ALSO has a play area.  We weren’t super close to it, so I wouldn’t feel okay about sending her over unsupervised, and when dinner was winding down, she was tired (and still jet-lagged) and had no interest in playing there.

As for food–I had a delicious steak, Ravi had pasta and Elanor had her picky meal of a grilled chicken and some potato.  For dessert, there were chocolate covered strawberries on offer, along with ice cream and other things we passed on.

In truth, the least picky of us…if you’re willing to put ketchup on whatever you’re offering her.

Hands down, if you don’t mind paying the price (eating out as a family of 3 at a restaurant usually costs in the 100-150 SD price, and that’s without alcohol, for the record…about 80-100 USD) and you have young kids, it doesn’t get much better than Marche.

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5 Responses to Places to eat with Kids #1–Marche

  1. Zach Woods says:

    I first ate at a Marche in Hong Kong nearly 20 years ago.

    After that I tried the one in Boston once or twice – too bad they didn’t stick around longer.

    It was always a good, easy, quick option that offered something for everyone . . .

  2. Jim says:

    I still remember the old Marche in the Pru: it’s a pity that it closed. But the prices at the Singapore one seem outrageously high: I don’t remember the Boston one being nearly that expensive.

    • Crystal says:

      Boston was pricey. I was in college so I couldn’t afford it on my own. But I think it was 20-30 a person depending on what you got. So for the three of us, it would probably be 70 or so, including the kids meal. So there’s a markup…mostly because of the import fees (Singapore doesn’t really make anything in terms of food like steak or what have you). It sounds like a lot because of the USD/SGD cost differential…140 SGD is 100 USD.

  3. Nancy says:

    That is a cool contraption. Not sure about the “Baby Picky” lingo, though. Way to label your kid negatively. I call my son, now 13, a “discriminating” or a “selective” eater 😉

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