Happy Father’s Day

There are several men who deserve acknowledgment today, and first up is Ravi

Ravi is an amazing Dad. When I was pregnant, Ravi never missed an OB appointment.  He was well-informed about any and all of the tests that I had to take throughout the pregnancy.  He held my hair when I puked…at least the first 20 or so times, and even after that would at least ask if I needed anything (for those who don’t know–I puked multiple times a day, every day, and even after I started anti-emetic meds I still puked at least a few times a week).  He shared the bed with a giant pillow I decided was  necessary for my comfort.  He laughed about the time I deserted him on a bus in Chicago in favor of orange chicken from Panda Express.  He stayed in the room for the whole labor and delivery.

Over the past 19 months, I’ve watched him with Elanor and theirs is a beautiful and precious relationship.  Their special bond began when Elanor needed to go to NICU directly after birth.  Ravi went with her while I stayed in the delivery room to get stitched up and recover from the epidural.  He kept me sane by texting me throughout those early hours before I could go to the NICU and be with them.  He sat by her incubator, watching the monitors, holding her hand, talking to her; letting her know that her Daddy was there, looking out for her.  A week later when Elanor was at death’s door, Ravi held me as we both cried, waiting for someone to tell us if our daughter would survive.  He stayed with us in the hospital for those three weeks.  While E was still in intensive care, he sat by her bed and read her “George’s Marvelous Medicine” from cover to cover.  He took a few weeks after she came home from the hospital the second time, and flexed his schedule to be home as much as possible.  He changed dirty diapers, and gave bottles while I pumped.  He had her with him for every Dolphins Game that she was on the outside that football season.  Over time, he began to be comfortable taking her out on his own.

You could tell just by looking at him look at Elanor how proud he is of her.  How much he loves her.  He constantly tells me how impressed he is by her.

Perhaps most adorable is the look on his face as he has begun to realize the adoration he has for E is a two way street.

I’m grateful for the sacrifices he makes for her.  The job in Singapore has long hours and he sacrifices time with her to provide for us.

They are adorable together, and watching them, my heart overflows.

I would next like to say thank you to Amit, my Father-in-law.  Father’s Day was never an easy holiday for me as I grew up without a dad.  While Amit has only been a part of my life for the past 5 years, he has definitely stepped into the role as a father figure.  I have deep respect for his intelligence and his opinions.  His approval means a great deal to me.  As with my uncle and my grandfather, he is a father figure to me whom I want to make proud as I progress through my life.

Amit is also an amazing Dad.  Ravi’s relationship with his dad is a close one.  It wasn’t a suprise to me when Ravi said he wanted Amit as his Best Man at our wedding. Ravi turns to Amit for advice, for support and for the twice annual razzing when the Dolphins play the Patriots.  Amit knows when to give counsel and when to let Ravi make his own mistakes.

Amit is a fairly reserved person.  Which is why watching him with Elanor has been something I’ve really enjoyed in the months since Elanor was born.  Amit was the first person to babysit Elanor in a fluke turn of events and Elanor has a special place in her heart for her Dada.  Even now, when we mostly see Amit and Suchita by Skype, Elanor is always so happy and excited to see her grandfather, who calls her “Little Girl.”

I would also like to thank my Grandfather, who was the recipient of many Father’s Day projects as I grew up.  I was lucky to have a father figure in my life.

Finally, my uncle Alan.  When I was very little, he was like an older brother to me.  He called me (affectionately) brat and teased me.  We lost touch for 15 years but have recently found each other (on Facebook, of all places).  I look forwards to getting to know him as an adult.

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