Only in Singapore

A quick note…as we were walking around yesterday, we saw a McDelivery dude on his motorcycle.  I snapped a picture and added it to the McDonald‘s post, if you want to see it.


We were by the Clarke Quay last night, wandering around after dinner at a “meh” kind of Mexican restaurant*** when I saw fire on the river and fifties music fill the air.  What on earth?  I dashed over the river and shot the following…of which I must say…only in Singapore…

***Cafe Iguana...we had a book that said it’s the best Mexican in Singapore…please let them be wrong.  Rebecca?  Can you weigh in–where’s the good Mexican? I remember you like it but I’m too lazy to go find your post.  On the other hand, I don’t need to eat at Senor Taco to bet that it’s probably not going to win awards either.

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8 Responses to Only in Singapore

  1. augustss says:

    El Patio in Holland Village is decent.

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks! We’ve only been to Holland Village once and it looked cool…glad to have a reason to go back!

      • jes6ica says:

        Just make sure to NOT go to the mexican place right next door to El Patio. 🙂

        From a former Idahoan where there is an abundance of mexican places run by real mexicans, I can definitely recommend El Patio as being one of the better mexican restaurants outside of the US/Mexico. And definitely try their frozen margaritas. None of that fake margarita mix flavor, it’s the real thing. Very tasty on those hot Singaporean evenings!

        There’s also a good Lebanese place just up the street from there, with faboo hummus and such, if you like that kind of thing too.

        Holland Village is fun!

      • Crystal says:

        Yum! So far our only gastronomical adventure at Holland Village was Everything With Fries, which was quite yummy. We really enjoyed walking around there, and were looking for a reason to go back.

  2. Rebecca Redin says:

    Unfortunately, there is no “good” Mexican as in, authentic yumminess. But, after you live there for a while, your taste buds will adjust and you’ll think it’s good enough =) Then when you get back to the US and taste real Mexican again, you’ll realize how far you’ve fallen!

    • Crystal says:

      Is that your way of saying there’s no place good enough for you to recommend?

      Ravi’s comment is that we’re from MA, you’re from CA…your “good enough” is probably fine by our standards.

  3. Daphne says:

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