Pictures from Chinatown

Chinatown, for all that Singapore is 70+% Chinese…is a giant tourist trap.  On our trip to Singapore in February I bemoaned the lack of Singapore Souvenirs.  Apparently they are all sold in Chinatown.  Ravi and I spent our date night wandering Chinatown before adjourning to Clarke Quay (where yesterday’s video was shot) for dinner.  We contemplated all the food options we walked by, but the majority of it involved seafood (which both of us hate).  We also realized quickly that while we are big Chinese food fans….we’re American Chinese Food Fans (which is not the same thing at all).

Regardless, Chinatown did make for some lovely pictures.

Sky bridge.  We walked across it and found little stalls selling things (like stuffed pandas wearing traditional Chinese clothing and pandas wearing World Cup uniforms from various countries).  There were also benches so you could sit for a while.

Notice all the $1 and such signs.  I also like the red lanterns as that extra special “just so you know you’re in chinatown” touch.

I liked the kite and the colors in this shot.  This is a random street stall as we walked through Chinatown.

I looked up and saw the lanterns leading almost like a line toward the skyscraper in the distance and thought it looked lovely.  I wish I could’ve gotten a better red on the lanterns…they were still bright red to me.  Maybe after my photography class I’ll be able to go back and get the picture I wanted.  I’m happy with this picture, but could be happier.

Because it’s funny.

A Temple

Detail on the temple

Sunset in Chinatown


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6 Responses to Pictures from Chinatown

  1. jes6ica says:

    Yeah, I remember my cousin wanted a statue of the merlion, and we had to go to Chinatown to find anything.

    I did snap this lovely photo there, though:!/photo.php?pid=2528384&id=708992871


    Love the sunset pic!

    • Crystal says:

      The link to your pick didn’t work 😦 But I’m going to your profile to look for it!

  2. Daphne says:

    Hi Crystal… hope you don’t mind me commenting on every other post you have, after keeping mum for such a long while. =)

    I think the only time worth visiting Chinatown would be just the weeks before Chinese New Year. Where you’ll have alot more atmosphere going on there, with goodies to buy and performances to catch (mostly in Chinese unfortunately) there’ll even be lion dances / dragon dances scheduled for the evenings then.

    Chinese New Year next year would fall on 3rd February, I’d recommend going there within the week before. But do watch out for the crowds!

    Be prepared that most shops / stalls are closed during the first 2 days of Chinese New Year. Don’t be caught unawares! This means supermarkets too!

    Mid Autumn Festival is coming in September though… so perhaps there will be some activities there then.

    OH YES, I almost forgot!
    Maybe the American Chinese Food would be closer to what we call Zhi Char here. Your probably are talking about dishes like Sweet and Sour Pork, Egg Fu Yong, and other similar dishes? I’m struggling with the English words for those stalls. (let you know when I figure out the correct words)

    But apart from that, there are certainly restaurants that sell dishes like those. More expensive though. =)

    Here’s a list of some of these stalls! I love the internet!

    Good Luck!

    • Crystal says:

      Always happy to see you!

      Ironically I need to go to Chinatown today to get a fun souvenir for a friend 🙂 But I think it will be cool to see Chinese New Year–this year we were here just beforehand and left on the night before CNY.

      I’m definitely going to check out Zi Char

  3. bookjunkie says:

    I found this really interesting because I can’t get used to the chinese food in the Chinatowns in the US and Australia. It is like a totally different fusion food to me. I also find the Indian food in London very different from what I am used to here.

    • Crystal says:

      That’s hysterical! I think we all get used to “our” flavors and then other styles just taste wrong (maybe not to hardcore foodies, but to the rest of us)

      The one thing I will say about Singaporean food is that the Australian beef is very good–I read on your blog you don’t eat it, but it is!–, if pricey. I do also like that we get fruit from Japan, the US, Thailand, India…everywhere. But I miss my crappy American Chinese food 🙂

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