Making Peace with High Prices

I may have only been here a few months (3 and counting) but I think I may already have been here too long…I’ve more or less made my peace with the high prices here.

A six pack of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups…$15?  (10 USD)…sure, why not.  But only worth it once a month (which is helping with weight loss, I’m sure).

A bag of Ruffles BBQ chips…$6 (about 4.50, maybe 5 USD)…whatever.

Ben and Jerry’s is $15 a pint? (just over 10 USD)…yawn.

Cheerios are $10 (6-7 USD), she likes them, sure why not?  (Zach pointed out that my other examples are all junk food so I’m editing to add this)

The mark-ups, especially on American good is absurd.  But you can only sit around and complain about it for so long.  You either accept it and move on with your life and budget accordingly or you don’t and either you leave or you radically change your lifestyle.  Take a wild guess where we fall.

But, every once and a while, you get lucky…during “The Great Singapore Sale” for instance…and you see this at your local Cold Storage

Only $10.10 for a pint?  HUZZAH!!

Guess what’s currently taking up a larger chunk of my freezer than it should?

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4 Responses to Making Peace with High Prices

  1. Zach Woods says:

    Are you recommending a “sin” tax on less “healthy” foods?

    We could use the proceeds to lower the cost of more “healthy” foods and thereby stimulating their purchase and consumption . . .

  2. Crystal says:

    So my examples show my predilection for junk food, but all food is like that–Cheerios are 10$SG a box at most grocery stores here.

    But in general, yeah, I’m pretty in favor of sin taxes. Doubling the cost of Peanut Butter Cups should arguably mean I only eat them half as often…while only one chain of stores sells them, it’s not like the stores are obscure. But I eat them significantly less often than I did in the US because of it. I find it an interesting dichotomy.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    When I went to the US I was in junk food heaven and loaded up on whatever I could!! 🙂 When I came home I felt so deprived. I need premium junk food 😉

    There used to be a time when we couldn’t get a lot of the brands like Reeses etc. but they have been brought in over the past few years.

    • Crystal says:

      Well now I’m officially glad we didn’t move here until I could get Reeses, even with the markup.

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