The Great Singapore Sale and a WTF! moment

So we were driving to Suntec City mall on Tuesday or Wednesday to score some deals at GAP before the Great Singpore Sale ends on Saturday (or maybe Monday…very very soon).  We drove past the mini stadium they’ve erected for ceremonies, and around it were police barricades, some dressed up with “My dream” statements.  I remember seeing “My dream is a football (translation for the Americans–Soccer) pitch in my hometown.” and other cutesy harmless wishes you’d expect.  And then, when stopped at a red light I saw one that said “My dream is shoot terrorists before they shoot us.”  Don’t believe me..a picture is right at the top of Tiny Island’s post, entitled “Scary Parade Banner.”  I’m glad Tiny Island put it up because I never managed to make it back there this week to take the photo myself.

Can we all take a moment to say…What the Fuck?

Let us all take a moment and ponder that this is government sponsored and someone thought this would be an excellent way to cheer Singaporean spirits for National Day.

As Ace Ventura would say, “Alllllllllllllriiiiiiiiiiiiiightyyyyyyy then.”

Let us now turn our attention to The Great Singapore Sale.  Singapore, as you have already learned, is not like other countries.  One of the ways this is most annoying at times is the lack of sales and clearance racks.  For example, at home, Gap gets a new line every 6-10 weeks (as do most clothing stores).  Previous lines are marked down and as they sell through, remaining items are put onto clearance racks.  This is how I’ve scored many a $5 (USD) to $10 (USD) GAP sweater that usually goes for $40 (USD) or more.  I’ve also scored Ravi tons of $5 (USD) polo shirts.  The secret, at home, is that when a price ends in .97 there will be no further markdowns, so now is the moment to buy or not.

When I went into my first GAP here, I looked for the sale rack.  And was told that items do not go on sale, except during The Great Singapore Sale.

As I shopped, I noticed the trend.  Every once and a while you’d see a store with a one or two shelf rack of sale items but generally speaking there isn’t the kind of sales we’re used to in the US, where a sneeze is cause for a sale  (for my non American friends, off hand I can tel you that sales happen in January for MLK Day, in February for Presidents Day, in May for Memorial Day, in August for Back to School sales, in September for Labor Day, and the day after American Thanksgiving in November through Christmas Eve is one giant sale, as is the period immediately following Xmas through New Years….and there are tons of other random sales as well in individual stores.)

So July means it’s time for The Great Singapore Sale.  Everyone pretties up the windows with Singapore Sale signs, although I’ve still found the “sale” items to be a fairly stingy selection.  But who am I to turn down a chance at Ben and Jerry’s for $10(SG) instead of $15 (SG) or a tank top at GAP for $11(SG)?

Now, all the guide books say that July is it…but to my local friends–is it really true?  No Xmas sales?

The trip to Gap?  Very successful.

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3 Responses to The Great Singapore Sale and a WTF! moment

  1. Jes6ica says:

    That sign is crazy! I’m amazed they let it be put up, as big as Singapore is on censoring things.

    Whoa, you’ve found a GAP that sells things in more than just the teeny weeny Asian girl sizes? Lennart and I could only ever find anything in our sizes in the Marks&Spencer store when we were there.

    • Crystal says:

      To be fair, it’s only XL shirts that are super stretchy. The pants only go to an American 16 and I’m a 20. Sue and Amit are bringing me jeans when they get here tomorrow.

      Otherwise, I’ve not had a lot of luck with clothing. Went to Marks and Spencer, but it’s…um…very….English? Couldn’t find things that were sleeveless…I kind of rock the stay at home mom look-jean shorts, tank top, flip flops.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    hahah i like your Ace Ventura quote.

    yeah the sales here are not very generous….i’d rather shop in the US.

    I prefer Gap to Marks and Spencer too

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