Sentosa Luge and Skyride

Today my in-laws and I took the Hippo Citytours around Singapore, including the link bus to Sentosa.

Once on Sentosa, I was suprised when my Father in Law was up for the Luge ride.  It’s one of the many things I’m dying to do on Sentosa (namely the Zipline), but no one ever wants to go with me.  So while my mother in law hung out and waited for us, we did the Luge.

They don’t seem to offer a single ride ticket, so we decided the two ride ticket made sense especially as there are two trails.  So we got 2 luge + 2 skyrides for $17 (SGD) each, the skyride being necessary to get back up the hill from the bottom of the luge.  We picked up our helmets and stood in the “first ride” line, which meant we’d get some instruction in how to use the luge carts.

They sit you down, have you practice going forward, using the breaks and steering right and left.  Your hand is then stamped with the word “luge” which is your key to skipping the training session on future runs that calendar day.

The two tracks are awesome.  I was far more cautious the first time down, as I wasn’t entirely confident in my abilities to steer and not die.  But far too quickly I was at the bottom.  I looked around for Amit and saw that he was ahead of me…so much for my being the fast crazy driver in the family.  The thing is I have no idea when he passed me.  I passed him and then felt bad, so I slowed down and he zipped past me while I was searching for him apparently.

Riders on the track, taken from the skyride

Riders finishing the track, taken from the skyride

We got a little lost looking for the way onto the skyride, but figured it out with some help.  The skyride is basically a ski lift with little hooks on the bottom that pick up the luges and bring them back to the top of the hill.  I have to admit the sky ride was just as thrilling in its own way as the luge ride.  Although it’s not that fast, you get a great arial view of Setosa, the city and the harbor, depending on which way you’re looking.  You can also just ride the skyride itself if the luge isn’t your style, and I’m thinking I’ll do that in the future because on the way to the bottom of the hill your view is the beach and the ocean, which must be gorgeous, especially around sunset.

The seat in front of us had a luge hanging from it

People Going in both directions

We did the other track, and this time I was all out…no waiting for Amit for me!  He beat me by a hair because at the absolute end when you’re pulling into the place where you get out of the luge, it’s a tight one car track (two side by sides) and I navigated it very slowly while Amit confidently steered right through.  I left my camera in my bag on the second ride and enjoyed the view, as well as the many helmets which people seem to have dropped (accidentally or not) in the trees and nets below.

One of the many resorts on Setosa, the Singapore Strait and the cranes in the dockyards

Singapore (as seen from the Skyride)

Helmet in a tree

At first I was irritated you couldn’t do just one ride…and then I realized why they don’t bother to advertise that the do in fact sell just one ride…who’d want to go only once?  I could’ve easily done it over and over.  Definitely something I’ll drag visitors to if they’re into this sort of thing.

Oh-and E has another 10 cm to grow and then she gets to ride with me!  85 cm to ride with an adult, I think 110 to ride on your own (about 6 they assume).

****Heads up–we’re in Phuket next week.  I’ll try to post from there as time permits.

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