Guest POV-Entering the US for the first time…

I have a few more tales of Thailand, but Ravi and I received the following email over the weekend from Ravi’s dad and I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t share it with everyone.

We are back and safe…
The trip back was uneventful.
Flights were on time, luggage arrived ok.
Nothing happened, other than the expected.

At NYC I saw an Indian girl (must have been 25ish), software programmer type. She had some issues getting a cart at JFK. Then again she was right ahead of me getting a cart at Logan. She looked puzzled as she was trying to put coins in the machine and there was no place to put them. She was to pay $3 for the cart.

I helped her, saying you need dollar bills. She asked for change for a twenty. I did not have. Then she offered me coins for my three dollar bills. I agreed.She gave me three coins, I said what is this? They were dollar coins. She explained and I accepted them.

I was walking away as I saw she again had problems. One of the dollar bill was getting rejected. So I straightened out the bill and it was fine.

I smiled and told her I had a similar problem 40 years ago so I understand…She was from Hydrabad, South India, she thanked me.

So 40 years later US airports are still not hospitable to foreigners. She would have been fine if she had an international credit card.

Forty years ago, I had thought that I needed a dime to make a collect call (so said the phone), and I had two nickles ……..

While the carts in Singapore, Phuket and Tokyo airports were free.

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