Great World City: Not my favorite mall, but my most visited…

I think I’ve mentioned before that we live about two blocks from a mall, Great World City.

If I didn’t live here, I doubt I’d be going out of my way to go there.  It’s not really anything special, and it doesn’t really have anything that no other mall has.  But considering it’s less than a 5 minute walk, has a grocery store, a McDonald’s, and a movie theater (amongst other things), we do end up there at least once if not multiple times a week.

The neon glow in the upper right quadrant of the pic is GWC, and the picture was taken from my living room window, so you can see how close they really are.

It has a strange configuration that took forever to figure out.  The third floor (which is where the movie theater is) can only be reached by the elevator bank and escalator on one side of the mall, and the B1 level (where the grocery store is) can only be reached by the escalator bank on the other side of the mall (and there is an elevator, but on the first floor it opens to the outside of the mall, not the interior).  It can be confusing…Ravi once called me extremely frustrated because he couldn’t find the grocery store (if you take the wrong escalator/elevator, you end up in the parking garage and it’s not clear how to get to the stores).

This is the view from the Starbucks on the second floor of the mall.  At the top of the picture you can make out the glow that is “Best Denki,” which is where we got most of our appliances.  They’re kind of like a Best Buy, but without a video/music section and a larger small appliance focus.  They also do some computer sales, tv’s, washing machines and all that.  Also on the second floor is a small bookshop called Harris, which is a local chain that is okay, but not great.  The Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s are also on the second floor.  The third floor also has a video arcade as well as the movie theater.

On the first floor, the red stripe on the left side of the pic is an Esprit store, which is notable only because it’s near the entrance we use, so we pass it almost every time we enter the mall.  The first floor also has a Sephora (which would be fun to play in, except I never wear makeup in this heat…I sweat it right off, so it seems like a waste to even try most days), a Burger King, a McDonald’s, an Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, a Kenny Rogers Roasters (see photo below), and a funky home decor place called “I wanna go home” (which I like to walk through, but rarely buy from as I have a destructive toddler at home.  The Basement level has an overpriced cd/dvd store, the home-fix (think more true value hardware than home depot…very small space) and the grocery store.  There’s a second basement level that only has 5 or 6 retail spaces, but one is a butcher I like for nicer cuts of beef and there’s a Subway.

Obviously there’s more, but those are the places I’m most aware of/have a use for.

But my favorite part of GWC is not what you would imagine…it’s the bathrooms.  Because at some point I have to imagine the following discussion took place…

Mall Owner–Dude, we need to make it cool.  Like, add something DIFFERENT, y’know.

Designer–I KNOW…let’s paint the bathrooms!


Designer–Like, the Egypt bathrooms, the Holland bathrooms, the wild west bathrooms!  It would be so cool!!!


And then I assume at some point they came down from the bad acid trip.  But it was too late, and the following was already done…

Stall door exteriors in the Dutch Bathroom (3rd floor)…Notice the wooden shoe on each door to give it that extra “something” (iPhone pic)

Another view in case you thought I was trying to full a fast one on you (iPhone pic)

This is true commitment to your design aesthetic (iPhone pic)


I thought I had some of the other bathrooms, but couldn’t locate them.  You’ll have to take me word that they are cah-rahzy.  Even the baby changing room is overdone with chandeliers and such.

I’ve noticed bathrooms at malls before…the ones in the new wing of Natick are very nice, with couches to sit down and feed a baby or to take a few quiet moments.  But mostly my experiences with bathrooms are that they are minimal in decor, you hope they don’t smell bad, and you move on.  But GWC’s bathrooms aren’t necessarily out of line with other (newer) malls in Singapore, which often make an effort to keep the bathrooms interesting.

Like I said, maybe not my favorite mall, but it’s the one I call home.

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5 Responses to Great World City: Not my favorite mall, but my most visited…

  1. Flora says:

    I laughed out loud at the clogs in the photo. I want to go visit this mall for myself!

  2. Flora says:

    I can’t find your email on your blog, so I’ll just leave you a note here. I love your blog, I just moved to Singapore last month with our two dogs. We have a blog too, We live at East Coast, right across the ECP from the beach. I’m still getting adjusted here, but Singapore is so small it’s not taking as long as I thought. Just wanted to say hello.


  3. bookjunkie says:

    i kinda like this mall because it doesn’t get super crowded as it’s not near an MRT. Ben & Jerry’s …yum! (is the ice cream quality the same as what you get in the US?) what about Kenny Rogers…i am kinda figuring it’s better in the US.

    • Crystal says:

      I’ve actually never seen a “Kenny Rogers Roasters” restaurant before I came here. Kenny Rogers is kind of a big country star, so the restaurant strikes me as humorous…sort of if I wandered past a Hedi Klum’s Weinershnitzel (doesn’t exist, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did?). I’m guessing it’s a more popular chain in the South, where, apart from New Orleans, I really haven’t spent any time.

      B&J…yeah, I’d say it’s the same in terms of flavor. I want to say that the B&J’s back home have more options on the menu, though. But I also dont’ tend to patronize the stores back home, often…my favored ice cream (if I was going to go out and get one rather than just pull some out of the freezer) was a place called Kimballs, which made their own ice cream on site (they have their own cows). They also have mini-golf and bumper boats. It’s about equidistant from where Ravi and I grew up and where we were living (about a half hour drive), so we’ve both been fans since we were very very small.

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