Dear God, What is That Thing…Answers

Today I will tell you “What That Thing IS” in a rare 2nd post of the day.

No one got it right, sadly, but I was highly entertained by the answers.  I’ll pick a name out of a hat for the magnet, though, to be fair  as these were unguessable.  As we approached each animal Ravi and I would guess what it is, and then I’d go to the plaque and we’d go “HUH?”  All of theme are animals from Chinese Mythology and Zodiac.




We’re as confused as you.

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11 Responses to Dear God, What is That Thing…Answers

  1. Paula says:

    By mouse you mean rat? Chinese zodiac is rat…

    I already knew so had to keep ma mouf shushed.

  2. Zach Woods says:

    Can folks who grew up in China identify those animals correctly?

  3. WTF, over?!

    I was WAY off.

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