Worst. Subway. Jingle. EVER.

Ravi takes the subway (MRT) to work each day.  For several weeks he’s been complaining about “that stupid subway song.”  Then bloggers started complaining about it.  I took the subway a bunch of times and never managed to hear it. When I didn’t, I felt like the last kid picked for a sport or the kid whose parent’s won’t let her see the cool new tv show everyone else is talking about.  I was MISSING OUT, MAN!!!

But lamentably, I finally did, and I understood why Ravi called me lucky when I was whining about missing out on the thing every one was talking about.

Behold the MRT short version of the jingle, which plays when the train is pulling into the station

And the longer version which apparently they just randomly play on the screens on the MRT platforms when you’re waiting for an extended time for the next train.  I feel glad not to have seen this before today.

Thanks to Kiersten, who posted about this today (thereby reminding me I had been meaning to post about it myself).

Please take a moment to be grateful for the unintelligible noise or bland announcement where you live.  You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to Worst. Subway. Jingle. EVER.

  1. bookjunkie says:

    I welcome back the bland announcements too

  2. Jim says:

    You could never have a jingle like that in a country like the US where gun ownership is legal: someone would be bound to go postal after hearing it one too many times.

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