Ravi’s Birthday

Today marks another first for us.  The first birthday celebrated in Singapore.  This year all three of us will celebrate our birthdays here…Ravi is today, I am in less than 2 weeks, Elanor the day before she and I leave for Boston.

Some things never change…I’m making a cake from scratch and Ravi’s requested dinner.  There will be presents.

Some things do change…As I’ve noted before, the whole “Greeting Card” industry doesn’t really have a large presence here, so while I might be able to select from two “Husband Birthday” cards, I would be hard pressed to find a funny or sarcastic card.  Elanor will make one for her dad, rather than scribble in a card that I bought at CVS.  Presents will not involve clothes unless I buy them abroad, as R and my sizes are fairly hard to find here.

In general our birthday dinner out has been at a place like Ruth’s Chris or another “it’s fun to dress up” restaurant.  This year, Ravi wanted TGIFriday’s and I’m picking Outback Steakhouse (and sadly our bills at these two locations will rival our usual bills at the higher end places).  Current plans are McDonalds for Elanor (who, in true toddler fashion, thinks their nuggets WIN over all other foods).  I’m not complaining…there’s a perfectly lovely Morton’s at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel by the Singapore Flyer and both of us (the two people likely to want a nice restaurant anyway) could have easily requested it and reservations would have been made.  It’s funny how much we appreciate little things…a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup is a special treat, not a casual one….the first bite into a hot piece of the honey wheat bread at Outback is savored as only Finale Molten Chocolate was savored back home…and a box from Massachusetts is cause for much celebration.

I’m also very aware that we are incredibly lucky to be heading home so soon after our birthdays.  Elanor is having a party with her friends here one Saturday, and the next my dear friend A is hosting a joint birthday party for her son and Elanor, and we will get to celebrate again with our US friends and their kids.  I have several friends who are actually crazy enough to be meeting me straight off the plane at Friendly’s the night E and I arrive in…and I love them like crazy for it.  Ravi will finally catch up with friends he hasn’t had much chance to talk to in six months.

To further generalize, we’re lucky to go home at all.  I have friends in SG who haven’t been home in years, which I can’t even begin to imagine.

Regardless, it’s now Ravi’s birthday in our current and our original homes….Happy Birthday, Ravi!!!

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4 Responses to Ravi’s Birthday

  1. kierstens says:

    Hmm I suggest the Boat House restaurant for some yummy steaks. It’s one of my fav places in Singapore to go for western food, and the atmosphere is 10x better than TGIF..i promise!

    • Crystal says:

      Duly noted! I think we’ll have to hit that on date night soon 🙂

      Friday’s does have the strawberry lemonade slush which R and I swear they add crack to, it’s so addictive. And R likes their mozzerrella sticks and potato skins. Wasn’t terrible, but the price increases make you want to cry.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I hope your husband has a wonderful birthday. It’s lovely that all your birthdays are pretty close together. Must be wonderful to head back to Boston (been there only once and I fell in love with the place….oh the food!!, the weather, the clothes…i could go on and on….)

    • Crystal says:

      It’s fun that our birthdays are together, although it does result in a month of waaaaaay too much cake in waaaaay too short a time 🙂 In our family, it’s very boom boom boom from September through Jan once you add in family and close friend birthdays, the holidays, and a few friends’ anniversary.

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