Egyptian Tomb Bathroom @ GWC

You thought I’d forgotten my promise to show you all the wacky bathroom at GWC, didn’t you?  I hadn’t, but often I only had the crappy camera in my cell phone to help and I was never happy with the pictures.  So this past weekend, I make a point of going to GWC and taking pictures of the various bathrooms for our general entertainment.

The Egyptian Bathroom is on the B1 (or basement 1) level in the back hallway leading to the elevator.  Which, for the record, how awesome is it that it’s in the basement?  I think the whole “Pharaoh’s Tomb” thing works so much better with the addition of it being in the basement…of perhaps that’s just me.

As with the dutch bathroom (scroll to the bottom of the post)…they go all out.

As always, click to embiggen…

Please step this way to help bury Pharoah…or to wash your hands…

What do I look like, your Mummy?  Clean the bathroom yourself!

(and seriously, yes, both the men’s and women’s room have a full-sized giant “Egyptian” statue in them….)

Choose your tomb er…stall…wisely

Please wash your hands before helping me awaken the curse

If you must use a paper towel, be sure to throw it away next to my giant decorative column before walking like an Egyptian out the door


Stay tuned because we have “Baby Splendor” and The Bullfighting Bathroom to cover later this week…

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3 Responses to Egyptian Tomb Bathroom @ GWC

  1. kierstens says:

    Hahaha I thought that you forgot! Geeeze GWC is like the epcot of bathrooms…

  2. Nancy says:

    Wow! That is DEFINITELY where I’d want to leave my “nectar”.
    It’s quiet beautiful.

  3. Kirsten says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve been to GWC but I do remember these almost over-the-top loos!

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