The 10-minute hair cut

The 10-minute hair cut for men is a real thing here.  For locations, like this barbershop, it is a major selling point.  I guess if you have super short hair, it doesn’t take a long time to cut it, but as a client, I’d prefer that my stylist is looking at her scissors and their proximity to my ears and head, not a clock.  I just find it puzzling.

To my male readers–does promising it will only take 10 minutes make you more likely to get a haircut?  Would you want a 10 minute haircut?  I need perspective to help me with cultural (and gender) gap here.

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10 Responses to The 10-minute hair cut

  1. Paula says:

    Not I, as a woman ofcourde, by I imagine, with as busy as some people are, 10 minutes is good for a mundane task. I think the cost is a good lure too, although I know of places around sing that do 7,8, 10 dollar cuts – but they last the regular 25-30 minutes!

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I think men don’t enjoy sitting in a chair and enjoying the massage etc. From what I hear they may feel it’s a waste of time and mainly money. I guess the men I know are pretty fidgety and don’t like wasting any time.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    I love long hair cuts which include a head massage, shampoo etc although I find the blowdryers a bit too hot for comfort

    Mostly I find it relaxing…like going to a spa.

  4. Ange says:

    I hate the chit-chat most stylists do (I hate small talk, and I also don’t want to be sold their shampoo, or talked into a color or body wave), and if all I needed was a bare-bones trim and didn’t feel I could do it myself, a 1-minute haircut would be a pretty good deal. Maybe not as a the main selling point (I’d prefer to have the stylist keep my ears intact too), but as part of the experience of ‘in-and-out’ hair-cutting.

    • Crystal says:

      See, for me…salon shampoo changed my life, or at least my relationship with my hair. If I didn’t do all that with my stylist, my hair would be far oilier and stringier 🙂 You, though, have awesome hair…lucky bitch.

  5. Kirsten says:

    My brother goes to these. It’s great for students (especially boys) who need to conform to the school regulations haircut, because that means you can’t do anything fancy anyway, so why spend time and money?

  6. Jim Z. says:

    I used to go to a stylist to get my hair cut when I lived in Nashua, but I switched to my current barber when I moved to Cambridge. It was kind of nice to get the shampoo and head message at the stylist, but I was paying for the privilege. And that was in Nashua: Cambridge salons are much pricier. Going to a barbershop made better economic sense to me.

    I personally value quality of haircut over time spent, but I can see how this would appeal to busy people. I’m curious about the “ice wash”, though: I’ve never seen that in the US.

    • Crystal says:

      I wonder if it’s a rarity here because the home showers I’ve seen (and other SG pals, please chime in), don’t actually get cold. The water in the tank never gets colder than tepid. So it would be maybe akin to the cold splash pools they have near the hot springs…you do the hot water and then a cold water plunge? I’m curious as well.

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