Plaza Singapura

Plaza Singapura is a huge mall by one of the largest subway interchanges (Dhoby Ghaut).  It is 9 floors (2 basement levels and then 7 floors of shopping…8 if you count that some of the movie theaters are up another level via stairs).

I took these pictures with my camera phone (sorry) from the 7th floor above ground to give you a feel for the insanity that is PS on a Friday night

This picture was taken from one end of the 7th floor.  You can see the coffehouse (?) that hangs suspended on the 5th floor and the escalators in the distance.

Looking down at the escalators.  You can also see the multi-story banners

Closer view of the escalators looking down from the 7th (above ground) story.



I really need to go back with my good camera and tripod and do some longer shots.  I think there’s a lot of potential for cool photography here.


In terms of stores, they have a Golden Village multiplex, a huge craft store, a daiso ($2 store), and the usual assortment of randomness.  I like the store that imports hello kitty and Sesame Street stuff (among others) from Japan…it’s one of the few places I can get my hands on Sesame Street Stuff.  That it’s right next to Build a Bear doesn’t exactly make it unpopular with Elanor!

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4 Responses to Plaza Singapura

  1. kierstens says:

    I definitely got lost in Plaza Singapura when I moved here…

    • Crystal says:

      I still get lost when trying to get to Plaza Singapura from Dhoby Ghaut…the MRT station is super confusing!

      • Kirsten says:

        Gosh, when they first unveiled the Monster version of Dhoby Ghaut EVERYONE got lost. I remember in 2003 I was in Osaka and actually managed to navigate all the train stations even though they were all in Japanese, only to come home to the new Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and get lost immediately.

  2. Kirsten says:

    That actually doesn’t look that bad! Gosh, Singapore has really got more and more crowded as each year goes by. It never used to be this crazy when I was a kid. Since my birth our population has gone up by over 2 million people!!!

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