Straddling two lives

We are in serious count-down mode here…in 9 days Ellie and I will be on a plane to the US!  But my to-do list feels daunting…

Today (Oct 26)–Take E to beach, do Xmas card photo shoot (will print & process in the US), preliminary pack

Wednesday (oct 27)–embassy tour, quiz night…maybe some packing…reviewing stuff for B for when we’re gone

Thursday (oct 28)— rent helium, buy drinks/groceries for E’s party, edit story for submission and send it in

Friday (oct 29)–make cakes, decorate cakes, make cookies, make cake pops, make some food for the party

Saturday (oct 30)–Party!  Then cleaning.  Then date night.

Sunday (oct 31)–More packing, more lists, more review…taking E to a face painting event at a Toys R Us

Monday (nov 1)–We’re hosting some sailors for dinner…grocery shopping and cooking for them (I’m also going to surprise them with care packages…so lots of cookie backing and such too)

Tuesday (nov 2)–Final packing (minus last minute stuff like my laptop)

Wed (nov 3)—Elanor’s 2nd birthday…day at the zoo, dinner with Daddy at McDonalds (it’s her favorite place in the world)

Thurs(nov 4)—We leave around 6am.

I’m not trying to whine, but putting all of this on my blog will help be stay accountable.


But I do feel like I’m trying to straddle two lives…my life in SG and my life in the US.

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4 Responses to Straddling two lives

  1. floramoreno says:

    You guys are hosting sailors? That’s really cool! And I hope you have a safe trip. I’m excited for you!

    • Crystal says:

      Yeah, the AWA put out a call for people to host sailors from the USS Harper’s Ferry for dinner or an activity. I’ve been assigned 3 sailors, and with luck (barring being on duty or whatever) we’ll have them over for dinner on the first.

  2. Ange says:

    I am SO excited you’ll be back here in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!

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