Busy Week Ahead

We leave for the US on Thursday morning.

My to-do list is truly frightening given the number of free hours I have left.

So posting will be quite light this week.  But starting next week I’ll be posting about what it’s like to be back home after a six month absence 🙂

So to cheat I’m just going to throw up a couple of pictures and we’ll all agree that it’s a “post,” okay?


I was really busy during E’s party, and my friend P took pictures, so I’ll post those another time.  This photo was Saturday night as E gleefully bounced around the apartment with her Elmo balloons.

The toddler is skeptical as to how getting her face painted counts as “fun”

Don’t wake the sleeping strawberry fairy

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2 Responses to Busy Week Ahead

  1. Erica says:

    Hey there,
    I just randomly stumbled across your blog while searching for something in Singapore. I feel like you are a fly on the wall living in my life! I have read so many of your post and felt like they were about me and my life so far in Singapore. Ive been here with my husband and 2 small children since June! I especially love your “what you are excited about going home” post! I am living vicariously through you! I was actually talking out loud to the computer while reading it!!! Enjoy your trip home…and please go to Walmart or Target and think of me!! I never thought I would miss those places so much! I look forward to reading about your trip and would love to meet sometime!

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