Sesame Sesame Sesame….

One of the most puzzling things to me about life in Singapore is that Sesame Street isn’t on tv.  Sesame was such an integral part of my young life, and there are few kids in the US who don’t know who Elmo is (coupled with the fact that it’s shown in over 100 countries worldwide) has inextricably linked Sesame and childhood in my mind.

Elanor has been an Elmo junkie since shortly after her first birthday.  It was the premiere of the 40th season of Sesame and Michelle Obama was going to be on, so I settled one year old Ella and myself down and we began to watch.  E didn’t care about the rest of Sesame, but when Elmo appeared onscreen, she was entranced.

That love has spread to the rest of Sesame, but E has a special place for Elmo in her heart.  Her recent party in Singapore was Elmo themed (I bought all the decorations before we left the states and shipped them as part of our household shipment).  The only movies/cartoons she wants to see on tv are our Sesame DVD’s and Elmo DVD’s.  She sleeps with an Elmo.

The problem is that because Sesame and Elmo aren’t big in Singapore, it’s next to impossible to find stuff.  You can get some of the Elmo DVD’s at Toys R Us and various video stores, and TRU has a few stuffed characters.  At a Japanese store in Plaza Singapura (I forget the name but they’re next to the Build a Bear if you need them) I found our Elmo bag that carried E’s stuff on the plane.  But Elmo books?  Other Elmo/Sesame toys?  Nope–all Barney, all the time (and please allow me to say I have banned that purple monstrosity from my home and loathe it with every fiber of my being).

So while we are here, I am loading up on every dvd, book, toy, t-shirt, pajama, etc  emblazoned with her beloved Elmo that I can get my hands on.

Now I just have to hope that customs doesn’t think I’m out to open my very own Elmo store.

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2 Responses to Sesame Sesame Sesame….

  1. Zach Woods says:

    Even if they don’t have any Elmo stuff (and I would be surprised if they don’t at least have something . . .), you may want to check out:

    10% off everything at Magic Beans

  2. bookjunkie says:

    they used to have it on all the time when I was growing up in the 70’s, and then in the 90’s it was replaced by the awful Barney! I used to watch the electric company on tv too and loved it.

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