American Grocery Stores–Overwhelming

Recently I entered an American grocery store for the first time in almost seven months.  In a word, it was overwhelming.

On one hand, we are extremely spoiled in Singapore.  My friend E lived in Japan for the past eight years and assures me that the selection of American options there is FAR more limited.  While it might take three stores to get the job done, I keep my pantry fairly well stocked with American foods.

However, this means I pick between three or four options for microwave popcorn.  I’m profoundly grateful when Cold Storage deigns to carry tater tots (and we buy two five-pound bags just to have a reasonable stockpile of them.  That I go to a store specifically to buy the kosher dill pickles I can’t find anywhere else is just part of life.

Imagine what it’s like, after six months of very limited choice, then, to walk into a store and see twenty microwave popcorn options.  To see an aisle where one of the major items listed is pickles…and to see multiple companies and multiple flavors cut multiple ways in one simple store.  Imagine a store that seems cavernous compared to what you’ve become accustomed to.

Now picture me wandering it for a good half hour, too overwhelmed to pick anything, and you have a good idea of what it was like for me.  Then picture me loading up on all the junk food I’ve been missing (and some I didn’t realize I was missing until I saw it).

I’m so coming back to Singapore a dress size bigger than I left it.  Sigh.


As a side note–I’m about to send my computer back to the shop.  I forgot about a few issues, and need to have them dealt with before we leave.

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