Surprised to find myself missing Singapore

No one is more surprised than I by this, but I’ve found myself missing Singapore.

Those first cool, dry breaths of air as I exited the airplane in Chicago and then Boston have been replaced by numbingly cold winds that whip my cheeks reproachfully, and make me think longingly of shorts and warmth.  The lack of humidity has also had the aesthetically unpleasing result of stealing the majority of Elanor’s curls, leaving her with some twists at the bottom, but not the full head of corkscrews that I delight in.  The daily, constant arguments with the two year old over the necessity of coats and shoes is growing more tiresome by the hour and I long for clean sidewalks and  bare feet slapping by the pavement near a fountain that she is actually allowed to play in.  The days long icy-cold rain drools onto my windshield and I miss the flash floods that constitute rain in Singapore–drenching, but quickly over with.

It has been six months since I have not had an almost constant second set of hands, courtesy of my helper, B.  I had forgotten, for the most part, the joys of wrangling and paying one’s bill at a store at the same time.  I find myself wondering how I managed before her or without her.  The truth, I know, is that my house was a mess and I didn’t cook dinner with any sort of regularity.  That clothes piled up, got wrinkled, and were hung back up with all the haste of an elderly snail.  Why I never had time to write, submit, or publish.  Why my camera only seemed to be pulled out on vacations.

As I delight in the joy of seeing friends here, I wonder what our friends in Singapore are up to.  Who’s at the zoo, at Royce, at the Vivo fountains.

I photograph fall leaves and naked trees, but miss the palm trees and orchids.

I would not call Singapore “home” by a long shot…but it *is* where I live now, and I find myself missing my familiar day to day sights and sounds.  I am shocked to find myself looking forward to returning home, even as I know that doing so will make me miss Boston with the same fierce longing as I’ve felt these past six months.


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