Back in Singapore

Longer post later, but we are back…and I’m surprised by how happy I am to be back.

If you’d asked me five weeks ago what my reaction would be to getting on a plane to go back to Singapore, I would have predicted tears, tantruming, and tirades about leaving (all from me, not the toddler, in case you were wondering).  In reality, I was excited to be heading back.  The excitement was dampened by a 5 hour delay out of Hong Kong (4 of it on the tarmac, 2 without air conditioning), but while Boston is and will always be HOME…Singapore is now home, too (albeit with a lowercase “h”).

Being back in Singapore is easier than arriving here seven and a half (almost eight) months ago.  I know where things are, I have friends to come back to, and slipping back into my life here feels like slipping into a comfortable pair of jeans…or, considering the weather, maybe flip flops would be the better analogy.

I look forward to recounting my stories of home and sharing my new discoveries with you.  Christmas in Singapore is a topic with a lot of juice, believe me!

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