Elanor on life in the US, Fall Edition

Relevant backstory–earlier in the day, E had sat in a high chair with a broken buckle, so she couldn’t buckle herself in…

Scene–Mall, heading back to the car

ME–Ellie, time to put on your coat.

E–No, Mommy.  It’s broken.

ME–Nice try kid.


Anytime we were outside/inside/anywhere I was trying to get her to wear footwear…

E–NO SOCKS, NO SHOES.  I don’t want it!

Me/Ravi/Everyone–But honey, it’s cold out.

E-NO SOCKS, NO SHOES.  I don’t want it!


The second we walked inside anywhere



On the weather

E–It’s so windy!!!!


On watching PBS, when it was anything but Sesame Street (because we don’t watch tv here…it’s all dvd’s all the time)

E–No George (SuperWhy, whatever)…ELMO


At the water table at the Discovery Museum, she was PISSED when I wouldn’t let her climb in.  My friend Kate said she was thinking “Jeez, Mom…I have to wear socks and shoes AND I can’t get into the pool…what kind of place have you brought me???”


My in-laws have a stair case with two curves…at each curve she learned and began to tell us that she had to go to the “other side” (where there was actual width to walk down the stairs.


For all that she seems to prefer the warmth (and shoeless/coatless state) of life in Singapore, she did instinctively know what you do with a giant pile of leaves….that’s my girl

Photo Credit–Marvin



I’m sure there’s more, but our brains are still a bit fuzzy on being back.


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  1. Flora says:

    I want a coat just like hers!

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  3. Kirsten says:

    When your kid starts speaking Singlish, then you can think about what Singapore’s done to her.

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