Optique Lens Park @ Marina Square–When you need glasses fast

I loved my last eyeglasses, and took no small amount of pride in the subtle Chanel logo on the arms.  Which is probably why I wore them long past their realistic life-span. They were my first really nice frames, bought about a year before I got pregnant (back when I spent money on myself instead of Elmo crap for the kidlet).

Wearing the precious…

Sure, every once and a while the lens would pop out, and there was that time I lost a lens at the New Orleans Zoo, which led to a trip to the far more “suburban” *cough*Deliverance*cough* part of Lousiana to get it replaced at the closest LensCrafters.  But in general, I felt like I rocked them.

Sadly, my daughter was as fond of them as I was, and as an infant found great joy in ripping them off of my face and throwing them to the floor.  This did not extend their life-span, although the cheap frames I sported instead of the Chanel for a few months did…until I realized that I loathed them and switched back.

And it was on our trip home that they finally gave up the ghost…and I learned that a crucial screw-hole was stripped.  And then an arm (with a little help from a certain toddler) was bent and finally broke off on the plane ride home.

My Chanel Frames….RIP

Back in Singapore, I realized that if I wanted to see more than 10 feet (maybe 5) in front of me clearly, new glasses FAST were a priority.  I knew my prescription was current, so I just needed a place that would get me into new, cute frames FAST…because while I have prescription sunglasses, I feel like a pretentious asshole wearing them indoors.

I did some googling and found Optique Lens Park at the Marina Square Mall (accessible via underground link mall from the City Hall MRT stop, and the Esplanade MRT stop).  Angloinfo said they did glasses in as few at 15 minutes, so I figured it was worth a shot.

I was very impressed by the selection (which ranged from affordable to Prada) and the ease with which they got me into my specs.  It wasn’t 15, but it was less than 30.  The prices were competitive, and while I didn’t suit up in another pair of Chanel frames, I found the cutest Anna Sui ones for about half the cost of my old frames.

Cheap, fast, efficient…if you need glasses in Singapore, these are definitely #1 on my list of recommended places.

How cute is the scroll-work on the arms of my new frames?!

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  1. Nancy says:

    VERY cute.
    For kicks, check out my go-to-glasses hotspot, zennioptical.com .
    This is why I have a dozen pair, and treat them like a fashion accessory. Because I don’t pay more than $30/pair which includes lenses. High-quality, they are not, but the prescriptions are completely accurate (which I care more about).

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