Happy (sort of) New Years

Well, it’s 2011 in Singapore and 2010 in Boston.

That strikes me as weird, and as though it’s not really 2011 for our family yet.

Ravi and I elected to not join the madding crowds and stay home.  Around 11, failing to think of anything better to do, we switched on the tv.  Local television had two options for us in English–one was a news channel and the other was the New Years Eve celebration at Marina Bay.  We started watching to just see what it was, and then kept watching for entertainment value.

Some of my tweets from the night….

  • SG NYE tv special….they’re talking about partying responsibly. I expect “don’t drink and drive”…they say “bin your trash!!” R and I lol
  • Dear SG NYE camera-man—your “funky” camera angles are sad and disorienting…and funny
  • Switching between black & white and color is not edgy or cool, either
  • It’s like watching a middle school PowerPoint presentation where kids have learned all the effects they can use but haven’t learned restraint
  • Now I realize why we don’t watch tv in Singapore.
  • Now we’re watching a commercial about binning our trash
  • Give it up for the winners of “gang stars” from Maylaysia
  • Asians who corn-row their hair just look sad. It’s not gangsta, even if you won gangsta whatever in maylasia–also covering usher is sadder
  • Can we also discuss this whole texting your NYE greetings into channel 5 and seeing them on the bottom of the screen thing?
  • And the terrible spelling, even for texting?
  • The headliner is….David Tao
  • Who? No clue who this dude is…he won MTV Asia’s artist of the year or something though
  • Middle of the song “I want to stop and take this second to introduce my band-including his music director” and then launches back into song
  • Someone attacked this dude’s shirt with a be-dazzler
  • Someone killed a flamingo, dyed it bright blue and attached it to the hostesses hips
  • TV commercial–don’t drink to drive…and it shows a hand splattered with blood…strangely graphic and weird
  • David Tao is now singing “Play that funky music white boy”. Um, it’s moving into 2011 and not 1977, dude
  • What the fuck is with the 70’s American Pop, dude?
  • “happy nye to all my friends and the 3 girls I met in taiwan”–that was great
  • Dude, you are NO James Brown…”I feel good” is not appropriate for you or your bandmates to be singing. I OBJECT on behalf of all Americans
  • The flamingo reclaimed its plumage and she’s now wearing some glittery lace construct
  • David’s NYE resolution—I want to direct my movie
  • we are filling filling filling…..stretch
  • 30 seconds
  • “wave your hands in the air like you don’t care!”
  • Happy New Year, Singapore
  • Less people hugging, more fireworks…no one cares about the hosts hugging
  • Okay, Singapore…I’ll give you this…the fireworks are pretty damn cool
  • stop going in so close, camera dude…it’s just bright blur when you do that
  • Color tv has been around for over 40 years….let’s try it out, media corp
  • So…just under 13 hours until the *real* new years…I need Dick Clark and Times Square (or even Ryan Seacrest at this point).
  • Going blurry is also not “edgy” camera dude…or switching camera angles so fast it makes me vaguely nauseous
  • happy is not spelled hapi….this is a spelling PSA for #Singapore
  • Stop ruining “dynamite” with your out of tune harmonizing, please. Kthnxbai!
  • Why are there be-spangled belly dancers behind the rappers?
  • Now they’re showing the movie of “Bewitched”
  • This is a tremendously bad movie with a very good cast…what a sad sad travesty

Just under 13 hours until what my brain still thinks of as the “real” New Years Eve.

2010 was obviously a year of major life changes for our little family…we became the Expat Bostonians.

Starting the year out with Ravi’s job search and living off our savings was scary.  Then we had two job offers for R on the table–one where our lives would change not at all (it was a local to Boston offer) and one that would move us halfway around the world.  The decision to move halfway around the world was a difficult one.

Ravi had a better idea of what we getting into, having lived abroad on several occasions before.  I had only done so under the auspices of a one-month study abroad program in college.  Otherwise, the furthest away from Boston that I’d ever lived on my own was New York, and that was only for 8 months.  Even as we were crossing our fingers for the job in Singapore this time last year, I couldn’t begin to imagine what my life would be like here.

My biggest fears were that I’d be miserable here.  That I wouldn’t make friends.  That Elanor wouldn’t have any friends at her birthday party (I know, she was only turning two, and that was more about ME than her, but still…)  I couldn’t begin to imagine thinking of Singapore as “home.”

It’s been a slow process, but we have found our footing here.  Wonderful friends have been made, toddler friends for E have been found, and without realizing it, home has (mostly) become Singapore.  Which is not to say that I don’t think of Boston as my “real” home…but here in Singapore I navigate the MRT and am familiar with the buses near my house.  I know which grocery store I’ll find vermont maple syrup at, and where to find easy mac (to keep the toddler alive and fed).  I have “my” dry cleaner, handyman, and pest control services.  I’ve learned layouts of various malls and the zoo’s map is emblazoned on my brain.

I suppose, if I were to commit resolutions to paper (sort of), they would be…

  • Continue to get to know Singapore
  • Make more of an effort to make non-American friends
  • Write more, and continue to submit writing for publication
  • Do some online education
  • Continue to cook, and work on better menu planning and less “I have X and X and X—what can I make without a grocery run?”
  • Hopefully to begin a healthy pregnancy at some point in 2011

See you guys on Monday when I’m no longer conflicted about the year 🙂

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4 Responses to Happy (sort of) New Years

  1. bookjunkie says:

    I never watch local shows…makes me soo embarrassed to be local (I never understand why they are so lame and always make me cringe)..but I was LOL over your sassy commentary…makes me regret not watching the show now.

    did the host keep shouting things like “make some noise”…that always makes me go uggh!!

    Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      LOL…glad you enjoyed the snarky tweeting 🙂

      He totally did keep telling Singapore to “MAKE SOME NOISE!!!” There was also a lot of “GIVE IT UP SINGAPORE” which, considering that “give it up” in the US can also mean “consent to have sex” and considering SG’s more prudish attitudes (I realized afterward that I saw NO new year’s kisses on MediaCorps) I found that entertaining as well.

      Happy New Years to you and yours as well!

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