Gong Xi Fa Cai…Happy Chinese New Year, part 2

For the record, Gong Xi Fa Cai is pronounced “Gong shee fah sigh” and means “Wishing you prosperity in the new year,” in case you were wondering.

Our holiday weekend was rounded out by a trip to Vivo City so Ellie could play in the fountains (and we could buy some more stuff to spoil the kittens with) and a trip to the zoo today.

Not quite a week in their new home and the kittens are willing to snuggle while sleeping.  Kero keeps trying to get Gandalf to play with her and he looks at her as if to ask “WTF, dude?  Why are you such a Kitten?”  He’s a calm, quiet old soul, and still too skinny, but we’re working on that.  Kero is basically Elanor in kitten form…hyper, bouncy and happy.  Elanor is doing pretty well with the kittens, but has decided she wants to pick them up, which isn’t a good idea for anyone, and we’re working on getting it through her head that she isn’t supposed to.

While not the best picture of Elanor’s “other” Chinese New Year dress (aka I found two I loved and couldn’t pick between them, so I bought both), I love the unbridled happiness on her face in this picture.  The dress is a simple sleeves A-line with some frog closures and green accents and is much more “little girl/toddler” than her other dress.

When we first arrived at Vivo City mall, there was a Lion dance happening down on B1.  B took Ellie down to see it as the elevators were too full for me to easily go down too in the wheelchair.  Ellie LOVED it and talked about for hours after that.  Later on, we saw the Lion dance troupe on break outside a restaurant (the idea, to my understanding is that they go and dance at restaurants to bring prosperity in the new year).  We didn’t catch their dance, but they let Ellie touch the Lion heads, which were sitting on the floor.  You can see her trying to tell her Daddy about them in this picture…”Lion Dance, Daddy…Lion Dance!”

The dragon they dance with was leaning against a wall, so I took a picture of it.  Elanor recognized it from the “Chinese New Year” episode of Ni Hao Kai-Lan she’s been watching on endless repeat recently.

The giant lantern on the sky deck/rooftop garden of Vivo City.

Today we went to the Singapore Zoo, Elanor’s favorite location in all of Singapore (yesterday she opened our bedroom door for the first time, and woke us up demanding the zoo, but we had to postpone the trip until today).  In honor of the year of the Rabbit, they had a gorgeous floral decorative rabbit in the Kidzworld area.  Last year, ironically, we did our look-see just before CNY, and saw the floral Tiger for last year’s Year of the Tiger (to see that picture, go to this entry and scroll about halfway down).

Chinese New Year does technically last for two weeks, so next weekend we may venture out again in search of wheelchair friendly CNY adventures.  We saw that the Bird Park is doing a “Flamingo Parade,” and E is nuts about Flamingos (“MINGOS!!!”) so we may have to fit that in.

Tomorrow morning, at the ungodly hour of 7am we are hosting a Superbowl Party for a few American friends.  In a non-broken ankle year I’d have made it a bigger event…maybe next year.  With the time difference, kick off is 7:30am.  Expect to hear all about it tomorrow.


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  1. bookjunkie says:

    I think baby E quite a Singapore baby! Love that photo of her pointing to the Lion’s head…it’s soo huge next to her tiny self.

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