Superbowl Monday

Personally, I could care less about the Superbowl, or football.  However, Ravi is a big football fan, and from September to the Superbowl (and a few pre-season games in August) Football is an omnipresent part of life, even if his favored team (the Miami Dolphins) don’t make it into post-season.

For my non-American readers, the Superbowl is the final playoff game of the American Football season and determines the winning team for that season.  It comes after 16 regular season games and is the third round of play-off games.  The Superbowl is always played on a Sunday night, and most shows don’t bother putting up new episodes against it, as even people who aren’t football fans tend to watch the game for the commercials (the most expensive and occasionally memorable commercials…and once shown at the Superbowl are rarely ever shown again, except on youtube) or the halftime show (always a big name act…this year Black Eyed Peas, Slash and Usher took the stage)…or just because.

It’s pretty common for a group of friends to gather at someone’s home and watch the game together.

In Singapore, with the time difference (and DST, which we don’t observe) the 6:30pm Sunday night game was on at 7:30am Monday morning.  As it happened, Ravi had a half day that he could take off, and we decided to host our own little Superbowl party.  Two couples came over, and rather than wings and beer we served fresh squeezed oj and pancakes (among other breakfast foods). We were able to watch the game via streaming over the internet and a clever gadget that hooks my laptop to the tv.

It was one of those moments where we could bring a little bit of the US to Singapore, and it was lovely.

And of course, there was this…

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  1. Stephanie Rogers says:

    You fell in love with that one, too? The morning shows were over the moon with little Darth Vader! He even met James Earl Jones in NYC. Gotta love the force!

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I just loved that ad!!! Thanks so much for sharing it. If there were ads like this on TV in Singapore I would be watching all the time.

    I know about the Superbowl from movies and TV shows….but Singapore men are obsessed with English soccer. I don’t get either sport. My partner is crazy about soccer the way I love to watch the Oscars/ the red carpet and Ms Universe.

    • Crystal says:

      Soccer…or as some of my friends call it…REAL football 🙂

      Hopefully next year I won’t have a broken ankle and we can do it up bigger…maybe you guys can join us and mock all our protective padding.

  3. floramoreno says:

    I told my family about your breakfast Superbowl party and they thought it was such a great idea. Jeff’s family throws an enormous Superbowl party each year. This year there were about 75 guests!

    I am not a fan of American football, either. I just like to eat at parties. =)

    • Crystal says:

      The superbowl is a great excuse to throw a party…glad you had a fun one as well, and I’m envious that you were home!

      When are you back in SG?

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