State of the Break & A visit to the fountains at RWS

The Ankle–

It’s been a little over 5 weeks since the break.  The cast came off almost two weeks ago, and I’ve been doing some walking (likely more than I should, if I’m being honest–I hate the crutches and the walker) but only in the house.  The ankle is feeling much better, if still consistently sore with a low level of pain.  I have a plastic brace that I’m supposed to use for protection, but between the heat of Singapore and the discomfort of the brace, I generally elect to just use an ace bandage.  I’ll still be using the wheelchair (which Ellie refers to as “Mommy’s bicycle”) when Ravi and I go to Hong Kong next weekend for our “Valentine’s Day” gift to each other (and, confession–so I can see Taylor Swift in concert there because the Singapore concert was sold out).  I go back for another set of x-rays in two weeks, and then I think the plan is that I’ll do some physical therapy to help strengthen the leg and ankle again.

The Fountains

Back in January, the same weekend we saw the Valentino Retrospective at Resort World Sentosa, we made sure to let Ellie spend some time running around in the fountains, and I realized I never posted those pictures.

These days, Elanor has no fear of the fountains or getting wet.  She thinks they might just possibly be the most fun thing to do in Singapore, second only to the zoo.

I laughed when Elanor grabbed her Dad’s hand and pulled him to the fountain.

“I won’t get wet,” he said.  Husbands are so cute when they’re naive.

Within moments, Ravi was soaking wet.  Amused and safe in the wheelchair (which was locked, and no amount of two year old insistence was moving it) I sat back and took some pictures.

The truth is that Ravi really didn’t mind…he works such long hours that he gets only scraps of time with Ellie, and if getting soaked in the fountains makes her happy, he’s fine with it.

Of course, being fine with it doesn’t mean he didn’t get some revenge.

Maybe it’s that I didn’t have a dad growing up, but I really cherish all the moments like this one, where I get to witness my husband be a loving dad.

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4 Responses to State of the Break & A visit to the fountains at RWS

  1. kirsten says:

    Hur hur men. “I won’t get wet.” Honestly?

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I feel very touched by father daughter moments. Lost my dad 8 years ago and it still hurts, but after hearing you didn’t have a dad growing up…I should just count my blessings.

    Looks like Ellie has daddy wrapped around her little finger….sweet!

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