Hong Kong-New Town Plaza (including Snoopy World)

Once we arrived in Hong Kong, the rest of our first day was devoted to tracking down local sim cards with data plans (which allowed Ravi and I to maintain internet access on our respective smartphones–god forbid we miss a critical facebook update, right?), catching up on sleep, and dinner.  Not the most exciting of days, but we enjoyed ourselves.

After leaving our two year old in Singapore, it makes sense that we’d spend a decent chunk of Saturday doing something she would have loved.  Namely, we made a pilgrimage to a local mall because a guidebook told us they had “Snoopy World” there, and Ravi’s hither-to-unknown attachment to the beagle in question demanded that we go (don’t get me wrong, I grew up loving snoopy, too, but I didn’t feel the need to check out Snoopy World).  To be entirely fair, I’m not sure if we would have done it, or spent as much time there had I not been in a wheelchair, but Hong Kong is not terribly accessible and our choices were limited by that and by weather (which was cold and rainy or cold and overcast…and someone unnamed idiot left her fall/spring jacket in the US because “I won’t need that in Singapore”).

Snoopy World is an outdoor playground at the New Town Plaza mall, which is a “local” shopping mall in Sha Tin (which is also the subway stop name to use if you take the MTR).  Unlike the malls in the more “touristy” parts of Hong Kong, shopping here meant that the stores would be more affordable (as opposed to the mall connected to our hotel which was comprised of Prada next to Gucci next to Tod’s, etc).  It also meant that we were less likely to run into employees who spoke English.

When we first arrived, we were starving, so we set out in search of food, and settled on a Japanese Place.  There was some confusion when we ordered as apparently both the main course I ordered and the main course Ravi wanted were considered “shareable” dinners, and it took finding an English speaking employee and some sign language to convey that yes, we actually wanted both entrees.

Next, onwards to Snoopy World!  Which was closed because of rain.  *headdesk*  But I was still able to get a few good exterior shots…

street lamps are decorated by snoopy and woodstock

Statues of the Peanuts gang next to the snoopy-themed playground equipment

I am certain that when we bring E to Hong Kong (and considering HK is a great long weekend getaway, we’re certain we will) this will be high on our list of places to spend time–E would go nuts for the playground equipment.

When the sky opened up on us we retreated into the mall and began exploring what a local mall looks like in Hong Kong.

A sign in the window tried to reassure us that we’d find no fake cds or dvds inside.

“Book Castle” which provided us with the first of many guilt gifts for Elanor

Honda and Toyota each had a storefront salesroom in the mall.  I’m guessing that they don’t let you test drive…

Chinese New Year bunnies to take your pictures with (not pictured…merchandising counter)

Most escalator banks were comprised of 4, rather than two escalators…two in each direction

We apparently missed the local grocery store because we thought it was a department store and left before finding the food.  I’m a little sad that I missed that, as I’ve discovered this strange new love of spending time in grocery stores when I’m abroad.  It lets me play “would I survive living here” to some degree, I suppose.  Given that while we can get a lot of things we love in Singapore, but not all…it also lets me keep an eye out for foodstuffs I miss.

Overall, it reminded me a lot of the local malls (as opposed to the Orchard Road malls) here in Singapore….which was something of a theme during our Hong Kong trip.  Hong Kong reminds me a lot of Singapore (more congested, less clean, but similar).  In particular, for local friends, New Town is a lot like Suntec City…there are different “phases” of the mall, which are only reachable by walkways on certain floors, making it effectively three large connected malls.

We headed back to the hotel for dinner…aka the dessert bar…but I’ll talk about that more during my review of the property.

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3 Responses to Hong Kong-New Town Plaza (including Snoopy World)

  1. bookjunkie says:

    I find Hong Kong a lot like Singapore too except the Dim Sum there is loads better. The cantonese cuisine in general 🙂 The last time I was there the people seemed to walk and talk faster too.

    • Crystal says:

      Neither R nor I are fans of Dim Sum, so that was one experience we missed out on. But I can say with authority that their take on Western food is superior to Singapore by a factor of 10 or more.

      • bookjunkie says:

        oh yes, I loved the pasta I had in Hong Kong.

        Also like browsing supermarkets when abroad…very fun and you get the best deals there for unique local products.

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