What other bloggers are teaching me about Singapore

While we were in Hong Kong, I didn’t get a chance to read my usual complement of blogs, and having caught up, I wanted to point you all at some really great posts.

Kirsten from Funny Little World

what it’s like to be Singaporean and trying to buy a home…and why her generation may not be able to do so.  (This is especially interesting to me as the propaganda is that SG makes buying a home super easy for citizens, and Ravi and I were blown away by the 1% interest on mortgages at the local bank…the difference between what I thought I knew and what I know now is astounding).  Thank you!

Is looking forward to her first elections

The idea that her grandfather, who is in his 80’s has only been able to vote once blows me away.  I’ve always made a point of voting since I was 18 (although I didn’t fully understand that I needed to/could register early to vote in the election that happened two weeks after I was 18, which meant I never got to vote for Clinton…sadly).  We did a lot of legwork to ensure that we could continue to vote once we moved to Singapore.  But even so, I didn’t realize how much I take the right to vote and have a voice in how my country is governed (regardless that I’m often unhappy with the choices of my government).

Tiny Island

Covers the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shots done in Singapore.

I had no idea they’d done a shoot here.  I’m mostly amused by them, but I like the one with the lion dance prop.

Discusses a recent NYT article about Singapore and Science Education and shares her experiences

As a former teacher, I’ve long heard Singapore held up as a model of education.  Living here, I’m a lot more ambivalent about whether or not S’porean methods could be used in the US because the US lacks the family investment in education that you see here.  And I question how much additional tuition is healthy.

Shares her experiences at a new mall called My Village, which unlike most malls isn’t backed by a huge developer

Pictures like this are why I fell in love with her blog in the first place…as is the way she talks about places, spurring me to go and explore them!  My village is now on my list of places to see here in Singapore.

Sam and David in Singapore

Sam was in Massachusetts this past fall and her pictures of Boston are gorgeous, and make me so homesick!  (Ok, so it’s not about Singapore, but BOSTON…PICTURES…PRETTY)

I was an expat wife

Shares her experiences with the durian, the most repellent smelling food I’ve ever encountered.  Not a new lesson, but one that makes me smile, as it’s one of those things you truly have to experience on your own to appreciate…and very Singaporean.

Mr Brown

Proposes some excellent suggestions to fix Singapore’s issues with low birth rate and high cost of child care, along with the issue of foreign labor.  As always, I love his satirical take.

Singapore Actually

Questions the value of Racial Harmony Day.

So I didn’t even know this was a thing.  In many ways Singapore is the least racist and most overly racist country I’ve been to.  Least in that there seems to be very little overt strife among the races that live in Singapore.  Most in the way that foreign domestic workers are treated, and certainly in the way that the government is far more invested in Singaporeans of Chinese descent having more kids than those who are Maylay because they’re worried about upsetting their current racial quotas in the HDB’s and schools.  Singapore is incredibly obsessed about race…in the US, Ravi is Asian, or maybe Indian if people are asking in depth…here when we took the census, Indian wasn’t enough…they wanted to know that he is Gujarati.

Complains (rightly) about the aggressive marketing here in Singapore

I never thought I’d appreciate the “no call” list in the US as much I do now.

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6 Responses to What other bloggers are teaching me about Singapore

  1. bookjunkie says:

    Thanks so much for the link love. It makes me feel even more encouraged and inspired when my motivation is flagging and I wonder if what I write is of any real use. Really really appreciate it 🙂

    Also want to check out all the posts you mentioned. I have checked out young Kirsten’s posts which are always an eye opener for me even though I’m local. She truly speaks from the heart.

    Maria’s experience with durian…how could I have missed it…must go see 🙂

    Thanks again Crystal 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      I love your blog(s), but feel the same. Comments motivate me and help me feel like I’m not just throwing nonsense out into the ether, as it were.

      • bookjunkie says:

        Honestly I have gained loads of information and a new perspective from your blog. Otherwise I would have had no clue. Not many bloggers take the time to be so detailed. You are like my inside guide to the US.

        You also give me a wider and sometimes totally new perspective about life in Singapore as you see everything with ‘fresh eyes’.

      • Crystal says:

        Thanks! Keep in mind, my perspective on the US is very much colored by the fact that I’m from the Northeast. I’m sure a Southerner would have a very different take on what constitutes ‘American.”

  2. Maria says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, and for introducing me to yours. Looks like my Sunday morning will be spent browsing through your archives! I’m already laughing about the toilets at the zoo — how could I have forgotten? LOL. My take on squat toilets is here, if you’re interested.

    • Crystal says:

      I love your blog! I just realized earlier I hadn’t added it to my blogroll…I’ve since fixed that!

      Oh squat toilets…how you scare and intimidate me.

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