Crane Dance (Resorts World Sentosa)

Quick State of the Break Update–I can walk!  Without crutches!  Yes, it hurts some because my legs/back/ankles/you name it are unused to doing anything besides sitting in a chair.  Each day is a little easier.

Last Saturday Ravi and I decided to head over to Resorts World Sentosa for our date night.  We caught the monorail from VivoCity Mall (3rd floor, $3SGD) to Sentosa and made our way to the Waterfront.

Along the way, we saw the subtle decorations RWS had put up in honor of the Year of the Rabbit.

I do not think that word means what you think it means

We reached the Waterfront about a half hour before the show.  Ravi hadn’t heard what the show was, only that I really wanted to see it.  But for you, dear readers, I’ll explain before we get to the video.

Watch the magical love story between a pair of mechanical cranes and how their love for each other transforms them into real birds.

  • The whole Crane Dance structure weighs 500 tonnes. Each crane weighs 80 tonnes – as heavy as 10 adult African elephants.
  • The attraction took over 36 months to develop.
  • The cranes operate in 6 axes of movement utilizing top of the line motion control systems to prevent collision – similar to those used by Japanese bullet trains.
  • The cranes are powered entirely on four giant hydraulic power units, totally 5,000 horsepower – each HPU is good enough to fly a small aircraft.
  • 36,720 litres of sea water is used in each show to form the 25-metre ‘water wings’ – the same volume of fresh water can sustain an average person for 50 years.

source-RWS page on the Crane Dance

The set-up at the waterfront has a viewing platform and stone bleachers going down from there for seated guests, although those seats appear to be reserved.  Neither the website nor the people working the entrances to the bleachers had any information about how one gets a seat to see the Crane Dance.  However, because of the large size of the structure, there is no difficulty seeing the 10 minute show if you arrive and stand on the viewing platform.  I talked to one of the security people as I’d only been walking unassisted out in the world for a few days and was in a reasonable amount of pain from overuse at this point….they were kind and found a spot for us to sit.

We see live people

I recorded the full show to share with you.  In the first few moments someone steps into my shot to take a few pictures, but once the show fully starts, there are no obstructions.  The video is about 10 minutes, and well worth a look.  It’s a truly unique show you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

For an idea on the size of the cranes…the white curvy structure in the back is VivoCity Mall, the largest mall in Singapore.

I loved the look of the spot lights on the crane structure after the show had ended, so I had to take this…

We finished our night with some candy from Candylicious and the Hershey store and dinner at Chili’s.  As walking had become quite painful, we grabbed a cab home.

If you’re local, you can catch the Crane Dance every night (except Tuesdays) at the Waterfront of RWS at 9:00pm (I recommend getting there by 8:30 to snag a good standing spot).  The website also notes there will be no shows from 28th Feb – 6th March 2011; 1st – 7th April 2011.  Highly recommended as part of a date, and kids will enjoy seeing it even if they may not understand the story.



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  1. bookjunkie says:

    Yay you can walk 🙂 Glad you had a good date night and I kinda like that humongous purple bunny.

  2. Carlie Tilton says:

    Oh that was Magic!! I thought “I’ll just watch a few mins and get the jist of it” But ended up watching the whole thing twice.. it is just amazing, wish i was there to see it. But thanks Crystal for showing us!!

    • Crystal says:

      I’ll totally confess to re-watching it multiple times. Next time you come visit Singapore, all three families can take the little ones.

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