I’ve wanted to write something about Japan since the tragedy.  But, truth be told…I don’t know what to say.

The tragedy is both distant and enormously present for us.  Co-workers of Ravi’s are based out of Tokyo and were updating them throughout.  A good friend’s in-laws are in Japan.  Unlike Christchurch, which I’ve never been to, I can picture Narita airport.  It feel tremendously present.  At the same time, Japan is approximately 3,000 miles away from Singapore (7 hours by plane).  When friends contacted me worried that we might be closer, I felt a bit of guilt explaining that Singapore is quite safe, both in distance and from the worries of a tsunami, as we are surrounded by islands that would act as breakwaters.

While I do not have anything tremendously personal to add to the stories coming out, I thought the best thing I could do is point you as some links I’ve found via other blogs and twitter feed…

Before, During and After Shocks: A former expat reacts to Japan’s Superquake written by ML Awanohara (thanks to Maria for the link)

How the US Military is Helping Earthquake and Tsunami Survivors in Japan by Mary Richardson (the wife of a military person helping to coordinate relief).  Thanks to expatheather for this link.  The soldiers we hosted for dinner a while back were based here in the Pacific.  I hope that they are safe and helping those who need our help.

Remarkable Travels blogs about her experience during the quake(s)

Liz Tagami was in Narita aiport when the quake struck…read her very well-written account here

Donate to the Japanese Red Cross, Unicef or Save the Children here.

There’s a fundraiser at Blu Jaz here in Singapore tomorrow night from 6pm-1am.  More info here. (Thanks to Flora for the link)

My thoughts are with Japan.

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