Stellar @ Altitude (restaurant review) & 6 years together

On March 8th, 2005, Ravi and I each braved a snowstorm for our first date at a restaurant called Christophers in Porter Square, Cambridge.  Who would’ve guessed that six years later I’d still be waiting for the return of the snow scraper I lent him (just saying) and that we’d be married with a beautiful daughter?

To celebrate six years together, on March 8th, 2011, Ravi and I went to dinner at a restaurant called Stellar, on the 62nd floor of the OUB building in Singapore.  It is the tallest building in the country, and Steller is on the top floor, with only the rooftop bar Altitude above it (for pictures from the rooftop bar, see this post).

For me the primary draws were its height above the city and the potential for a window-side table.  It was reasonably reviewed, and looked fairly romantic.

This is the main body of the restaurant shot from our table.  They keep it reasonably dimly lit, so I had to play with exposure in post-production.  I really liked the white on white decor, and the curvy whatever it is hanging from the ceiling.

The food was…okay.  We both got steaks, but at $65, I felt the cuts of beef were not equivalent to those at Outback, which is far less fancy and about 15-20 dollars less per steak.  Also strange was the lack of steak knives.  It was really only the thinness of the steak that allowed me to saw through the meat.  I asked why we weren’t given steak knives and both the waitress and the host said that the regular dinner knives (aka butter knives) were all they had.

The appetizers were better, with the fresh bread and the iberico ham meeting or exceeding our hopes.  Dessert was all right but they seem to be trying to hard to have “unique” desserts (such as pink champagne flavored sorbet over rose jelly) and do not have anything that would appeal to the straight chocolate lover (the red velvet cake has a layer of hazelnut flavoring that really just didn’t work for me)…and the portions were small, even by Euro/Asian standards.

What made it a lovely dinner, as opposed to an “okay” one, though was that we did get our window table.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, and the glare off the window was unfortunately unfixable, particularly with the longer exposure needed to get the lights from the buildings and ships in the harbor bright enough.

It made for a very intimate and romantic setting.

I think that I would recommend Stellar, with some reservations.  If you want a special atmosphere…maybe a first date, or a proposal…it’s a great setting, particularly on a quiet night like our Tuesday night date.  But if you’re looking for a great dinner, especially if you’re a steak afficianado, you might be better served going elsewhere, such as Morton’s over at the Oriental.

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