Cold Stone has come to Singapore

I realize that Singapore already has Cold Rock (an Australian chain), Maggie Moos (an American chain) and Marble Slab creamery (also American).  However, Cold Stone is my absolute favorite of the mix stuff into ice cream parlors.  Because my favorite mix ins are peanut butter and reeses peanut butter cups, they have a special place in my heart as they rarely if ever are out of either.  They also use full sized peanut butter cups instead of the minis used as Maggie Moos and Marble Slab.

So it was with great joy and excitement that Ellie, B, and I ventured out to meet Kirsten of Funny Little World at the brand spanking new Cold Stone Creamery at Orchard Central Mall on Orchard Road.

I hadn’t actually been into the Orchard Central Mall before this trip (there are so many, and they’re all next to each other that it is next to impossible to see them all without going into mall overload.  Imagine my surprise to see a small outpost of “Everything With Fries” (a favorite eatery I thought only existed in Holland Village) and a place to make photobooks (and that’s only on the first floor!).  I’ll be back again for certain!

Thanks to Kirsten for the following pictures…

Where’s the Ice Cream you promised me?

As Kirsten noticed…the ice cream is almost comparable in size to her head.  She seems a bit peturbed at the work ahead of her

Okay, no time like the present to get started….

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it

I love the giant ice cream over everyone’s head

How can you not smile when you say “ice cream!”?

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  1. bookjunkie says:

    I recall that you were telling me about this brand many posts ago…that’s soo cool that it’s finally here now

    Looks yummy

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