Our trip home last November

Realizing that the next trip was almost upon us, I finally got around to making the video of our last trip home.


The song is “Boston” by Sara Brenner from her “Unsteady Ground” album.  Possibly not the most accurate song as the video includes pictures from Maine and NYC as well, but it’s a favorite song, so whatever…

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2 Responses to Our trip home last November

  1. Eric says:


    I’VE SEEN THE EPISODE!!!! Ah! it was the moment that everyone has been waiting for. When I say everyone I mean those people who aren’t incredibly biased against gays. In fact, I think it was a bit of a landmark for television that they aired such a kiss on network television. Too bad Signapore banned it.

    On another note, I’ve taken it upon me to start looking at the Lion King. I have been dying for a good musical and I’m hoping that this one will cover my need. I’ve never seen it, I hear great things and I’m thinking the pressue of young girl asking me to take her is helping a bit.

    The plan is to go to Outback, which I’ve been dying to do with my 50% discount… not letting her in on that little fact. She already knows were goign at some point, but the idea is to have one of the waitors give us the tickets in the bill book (the American Express book that we always give with your bill). And then get a cab to Marina Bay Sands. I’m very excited. What do you think? And how are you doing?


    FYI. The 10th of April will be my last day at Outback.

    • Crystal says:

      Wasn’t that SUCH a great moment? The lead up was well done, and I think that’s one of the most passionate kisses ever done on tv…go GLEE! Singapore’s attitudes on homosexuality are a big reason why we could never raise Elanor here. If she identifies as bi or lesbian, she doesn’t need to grow up in a society that tells her who she is is wrong. If she’s straight, she doesn’t need to learn intolerance towards her gay brothers and sisters.

      I think your plan sounds wonderful! You get uber bonus points for something like that 🙂

      We’re good…counting the days till our visit home in late April. I’ll try to drop by Outback before you leave.

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