Toddler-Friendly Singapore-Royce Gym

If you have very young kids, Singapore is a great place.  The zoo is phenomenal, Sentosa’s beaches have soft sand and calm water, the Botanical Garden has all the green space your child could want to run in, many malls have fountains for your kids to enjoy, and McDonald’s is everywhere.  But sometimes it does get a bit too hot to play outside…and you don’t feel like wrecking your own home.

Which is where indoor playgrounds come in.  Singapore has a thriving industry of indoor options for kids, and we are lucky to live near what I, personally, consider one of the best.

Royce Gym is located at Liang Court Mall on the 2nd floor.  You pay an annual fee (I can’t recall now if SGD 50 was for one or two years) and either a 1 hour or 90 minute play fee (12 and 15 respectively) for entry.

My short description is that Royce is Disneyland for toddlers.

There’s a reading area with couches to snuggle with your kids on while you read together.

There are cars to ride on (one with a gentle slope, one with a larger slope–and helmets provided) as well as cars you can just drive around the play floor

There are slides

There’s a lego wall

There’s a doll area

There’s an area with something like 8 toy kitchens and all the accompanying toys

There are musical instruments

There are swings

There are ball pits


Seriously…it’s a kid’s dream come true.

When you’re done letting them exhaust themselves, you can hit the McDonald’s on the first floor or head next door to Clarke Quay for dinner now that they’re too tired to want to run around the restaurant.

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