Kittens Update

I haven’t mentioned the kittens since we adopted them, so I thought I’d provide a quick update.

Gandalf (our boy) seemed very quiet and unkittenish.  He also seemed far too thin, so I took him to a vet, who de-wormed him (in theory they’d been de-wormed at the SPCA, but it was worth redoing, given his weight gain issues).  We also gave him a special kitten formula for a few weeks to help him gain weight.  A week after this appointment, he developed an eye infection, poor little guy!  Ten days of antibiotic (and it spreading to his other eye, but thankfully not the other kitten) later he was a different cat entirely.  He’s still the cuddler, but now he’s just as active as the other kitten.  He’s also gained so much weigh that I’m almost worried he’s getting too big!

Admire me…you know you want to….

Kerowyn (our girl) is a match for Elanor in energy and sheer bouncyness.  Also like Ellie, she’s not much for cuddles.  She also has some listening issues…Gandalf is pretty  much over the scratching the couch phase, but Kero likes to test the boundaries every so often.  She’s also far more interested in food, and has to be chased from the dinner table with a spray bottle with some frequency whenever it’s mealtime.  However, she’s the high flying acrobat of the family.  I went into our office one day, looking for the kittens, and found her on top of a bookcase…a good 6+ feet from the floor (on top of an IKEA Billy bookcase, if you’re a fellow devotee).  She was a bit concerned as she couldn’t figure out how to get down from there, so I had to give her a hand.  Given a few more months experience, I have no doubts that she’ll figure it out on her own.  Unfortunately the only time I can get a picture of her being still is when Gandalf has decided to “share” the perch with her on the cat structure thingy.  She’s the one with the partially white face being squished by the boy. 

The MAN is holding me down!

Ellie is doing really well with them.  She swings between wanting to know where they are every second of every day and flipping out when they go into her room.  She also likes to try to order them around…and they listen about as well as she does, so I see that as somewhat poetic justice for all the times I tell her to do something and she’s all “Squirrel!”  It’s tough that she occasionally want to pick them up (as she sees us do) and she hates that she’s too little to do so yet.  But there hasn’t been any tail pulling or any negative behavior in some time.  She can be a bit rough unintentionally with her love, so she still does get “gentle!” reminders from us.

Ravi and I are enjoying playing with them and cuddling.  It’s not uncommon to sprawl on the couch and moments later be used as a pillow by Gandalf (and occasionally Kero).

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    • Crystal says:

      They are…I just wish Kero would sit still for her own picture more often, without Gandalf needing to sit ON her.

  1. bookjunkie says:

    beautiful eyes!

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