TOTT–aka my new beloved

If there is a lack in Singapore that I have consistently bemoaned over the past year, it’s a lack of good cookware stores.  It’s a totally understandable lack…many (perhaps the vast majority of non-expats?) do not own an oven and either eat out frequently (if you go to the food stalls, it’s super cheap) or just cook on the stove top burners on your counter.  As a hobbyist chef, getting a high quality oven was a non-negotiable for me, and a condition upon deciding to move.  As Ravi is a fan of my cooking, it wasn’t exactly a hard sell to get him to go along with my plans.

I did bring a reasonable amount of bakeware from the US, minus some cookie sheets and jelly roll pans that were too wide to fit in my new oven (ovens here are less wide and less deep than a standard US oven/stove combo).  But every once and a while you want to try a new recipe, or you decide your life is incomplete without a lattice work cutter for pie crust.  Which is where stores like Williams Sonoma come in back home; bakeware, knives, cookbooks, esoteric ingredients, decorative touches…all under one roof.  With careful searching, I have found a few options in Singapore…Bake it Yourself is a great one-stop for cakes and cake decorating, and a few small cookware stores all began to fit into my cookware shopping trips.

But within the last few months, a goliath of a cookware store opened.  TOTT is on Dunearn Road, and it is a monstrously large cookware/bakeware store.

They are a store that has two markets; the average person, and the restauranteur

For the average person, there’s zoo friends and Farm friends pancake pans.


For a restauranteur, deli meat slicers

Then there is the random stock…anyone need a popcorn cart?

Beautiful dinnerware and serving options, whether you keep an Eastern or a more Western home

The gleaming silverware drew my attention…

What I like about Tott is how their stock veers from useful everyday things (cookbooks, wooden spoons measuring cups) at reasonable price points to highly esoteric items, like a whisk 2/3rds as tall as I am.  While they stock some cake and cookie related items, you are generally going to be best off going to Bake it Yourself for those sorts of things (although Tott’s pan selection is worth a look-see visit), but when it comes to knives, pans, and the majority of kitchen stuff…Tott is now my go-to store.  The results have been delicious!

They’re open 7 days a week until 9:30 pm and have free parking on weekends, and I believe evenings.

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2 Responses to TOTT–aka my new beloved

  1. Moonberry says:

    Ah yes…. kitchenware. I definitely miss Williams Sonoma, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate & Barrel, and even Michaels (where I get most of my Wilton stuff from). I’m big on kitchen stuff too and god knows I’m driving myself bonkers now trying to organize the drawers and cabinets in my new kitchen (which partly explains why I haven’t been blogging at all of late). How many spatulas does one need? Apparently I have 7 of them! :X

    Have you checked out Pantry Magic and Poon Huat? They’re located at Jalan Merah Saga (Holland Village). There is also Kitchen Capers (Kallang Industrial Estate) which is owned by my friend Gina and it carries baking supplies.

    • Crystal says:

      I know Pantry Magic (although from my email alerts from them, I think they’ve changed their name to Lemon Zest). There’s also a place here on River Valley Road called Kitchen Story which isn’t bad. Don’t know Poon huat or Kitchen Capers–will definitely check them out soon and add them into the rotation.

      Do you need anything from the US baking wise? I know I won’t last three weeks there without multiple Williams Sonoma and Michaels etc runs.

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