Things I’ll miss about Singapore while home in Boston

While it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I’m leaving for the airport approximately 36 hours from now, we are going home for a visit.  I will miss some things a great deal over the next three weeks.

The Warmth

I’ve gotten very used to flip flops, shorts and sleeveless tops.  It’s going to be weird to wear jeans, a jacket and closed shoes.  Refreshing on the warm spring days and terribly cold to my acclimatized body on the long cold rainy ones.

Ellie’s School/Gymnastics

She genuinely loves school and asks me every day if it’s a school day or a “‘nastics” day.  She’s bursting with excitement about her letter of the week.  While I may not miss it in the excitement of seeing our friends…I know she will.

The Zoo

The zoo is such a constant in our lives, and it’s such a great place to spend a day.  We have a little zoo in Boston, but there’s nothing on the scale of the Singapore zoo back home.

Waterplay areas/Pools

I love to swim and Ellie is quite the little water sprite herself.  We’re both going to be longing to log some water time upon our return.


Let’s face it…I’ll be momming without my safety net of B.  I’ll miss her calm nature, talking with her, and her help.  But I’m glad that she’ll have a few weeks of rest.  The kittens are far lower maintenance than we are!

The kittens

Everyone will miss our little fuzzballs.

Tropical Fruit

It’s just not as good in Boston as it is here (for obvious reasons)

Those “uniquely Singaporean” moments

The random dragon dance, the taxi uncles (although I won’t miss the entirely lost ones), the sorts of food you walk by on the street, Orchard Road, shopping in Kinokuniya (okay, they’re a Japanese chain, but still…).  The flowers everywhere.  The palm trees.

That I don’t have allergies here

No one needs to worry about me staying in Boston.  We’re heading into my worst allergy season there.  I’ll be lucky if I can breathe after being home for three days.  I know I’ll be thinking of my allergy free lungs/nose while home.

I may not keep up a 5x a week posting schedule while home, but I do promise to do a better job blogging than I did on the last visit home.  To be fair, though, my laptop was out of commission for a huge chunk of that visit home, though.  We have some exciting plans, visits from a few out of state friends, a quick side trip to DC, a bounce up to Maine, and all sorts of fun planned.

Most importantly…I’ll finally be able to feed my pregnancy craving for Panda Express’ Orange Chicken. 

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4 Responses to Things I’ll miss about Singapore while home in Boston

  1. Laura says:

    Have a safe trip back and a wonderful time catching up with family and friends!

  2. bookjunkie says:

    Nice list 🙂 Don’t think I’ll miss the warmth but it is nice to dress super light.

    & Yay for mangoes and rambutans, although I haven’t seen rambutans for quite a while.

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