Being Sick Sucks…but E is healthy

If you’ve wondered why there wasn’t a new post…I’ve been sick.  Fever, sweating, moments later teeth chattering chills, the works.  I had a few tests run and I should find out tomorrow if it’s something that is requires antibiotics, or if it’s just a viral thing that I picked up on the plane and need to just ride out.  Personally I’m hoping for antibiotics as I’d like to feel better as soon as possible.

On the plus side, one of the big reasons our visit was timed for late April/early May is Elanor’s annual kidney check up, which went really well.  For those who haven’t known us very long, Elanor was very ill at a week of age, and the antibiotics that saved her life (sadly I’m not exaggerating when I say “saved her life”) damaged one of her kidneys beyond repair.  Her other kidney is doing just fine, and as happens when one kidney stops working at such a young age, has grown larger than average to compensate.

As an adult, she’s expected to have around 70% of normal kidney function.  But for the rest of her life she’ll need an annual kidney checkup just to keep tabs on the healthy kidney. Since it’s a once a year thing, we prefer for her to see the doctor that’s been working with her case since the kidney was damaged.  It keeps all her records and imaging in one place, which is practical.  It was great to get the good news, and to be sent on our way for another year.

Ravi would like to take a moment to brag that Ellie did awesome during her blood draw for the annual test.  She sat like a big girl, didn’t cry, and was a perfect angel.  Considering that previously blood draws took three of us to hold her down, this is a huge milestone for her.

In other great news, Elanor had her 2.5 year old “well child” visit today with her local pediatrician.  She’s approximately 33-34 (80cm?) inches tall and approximate 22-23 pounds (or 10.5 kgs).  The weight is particularly exciting for her, as she’s finally in the 2-3rd percentile for weight…ever since that early illness and through a series of food allergies and other drama, her weight fell well below the first percentile weight for her age, which has been a huge concern for Ravi and I.  It’s great to see her gaining ground.

In general the pedi was also thrilled with Elanor’s progress, and what a little girl she’s turning into (her pedi has been her doc since she was days old).  Elanor did great through all the testing, but freaked out when she had to have her ears examined, which was surprising given what a minor deal it is compared to the blood draw, which she’d submitted to without protest.

Anyway, I hope to have a far more interesting update for you soon.  But if I’m quiet for a day or two, just know that it’s not that I don’t love you…I’m just sick.

A special thank you to the friends who came out to my in-laws house today to visit for dinner when I wasn’t up to leaving the house to meet them.

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4 Responses to Being Sick Sucks…but E is healthy

  1. Nancy says:

    So great to read about healthy and wonderful check-ups for Miss Elanor. No surprise; clearly she’s awesome!
    Hope you get a clean bill of health soon too, Ms. Crystal.

    • Crystal says:

      She gave us enough of a scare that I love celebrating positive news for her health…more than I might if it was just a routine healthy kid visit in a series of long healthy kid visits.

      Just a small infection that can be dealt with using pregnancy-safe antibiotics…I should be better in a week or so (and hopefully feeling better before then).

  2. Zach Woods says:

    Get better soon! And great news on Eleanor!

    • Crystal says:

      Working on it! I’d love to see you guys next week, if possible. We have a few bday gifts for Z (and of course we want to see you guys to see you guys!)

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