A few of my favorite Elanor photos from home

Before I post other shots, I had to get my favorite E pictures from the US up for all to see.

Elanor and her best friend CJ holding hands.  CJ’s mom is my dear friend Aimee, who blogs and parenting and art here.

Elanor’s first (that isn’t 2 sizes too big) “Big Sister” t-shirt.

Elanor all dolled up for her cousin’s first communion in Washington DC

My friend Brandy (who’s due with #3 just weeks after our #2 arrives!) holding an exhausted E

Quite possibly my favorite E picture from the trip.  Elanor poses with the Mrs. Mallard Statue, which is part of the “Make Way for Ducklings” Statue in the Boston Public Gardens.  If you don’t know this children’s book, you need to!

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6 Responses to A few of my favorite Elanor photos from home

  1. do you read MWFD to e? i have it (of course! what self-respecting bostonian wouldn’t have this from day one?) but haven’t read it to A yet. i thought it was too long/involved. but maybe he’s ready…

    • Crystal says:

      We only started reading it about 2ish months ago to E. She’s developing better book stamina at bedtime, and because we had the upcoming trip, we gave it a whirl. She’d also gone to see a pre-school level musical show of “The Ugly Duckling” and is a bit duck-crazed at the moment. So it worked for her. We are cautiously trying “longer” books and have had (mostly) success of late. But only at bedtime (when the energy level is dimming and her focus is better) and certainly not every day.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    the last pic is my fave too…Love E’s outfit 🙂

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