A quick trip to Maine

Maine is a bit rural for my taste.  I’m unabashedly a city girl, and too much open space creeps me out.  However, my grandfather (and many other relatives) do still live in Maine (where both my grandfather and grandmother’s families are from) so I take Ellie up to visit from time to time.

As our trip home was a short three week jaunt, coupled with illness at the start (me) and the end (Elanor), we had to compress a lot of things into a very short amount of time.  As a result, Mother’s Day weekend was spent with a Saturday morning flight to DC for Ravi’s niece’s first communion–a Catholic ceremony (cousin’s daughter, technically, but all of that’s swept away in Indian families).  Sunday, Mother’s Day, Ravi had to fly back to Singapore, and Elanor and I headed back to Boston to pick up our car and drive up to Maine.  Ellie and I spent the night in a lovely hotel suite overlooking some waterfalls (and with a whirlpool jacuzzi bathtub–thanks for suggesting I upgrade, Ravi) in Lewiston, Maine…about a 45 minute drive from where my grandfather lives.

Monday morning we drove out to visit my grandfather, who is in his early 80’s.  In an ironic twist of fate, he lives in the same retirement community that his mother (my great grandmother) lived in for a number of years, in an apartment down the hall from what I still think of as “hers.”  It was sadly a shorter visit than I would have liked, and we didn’t manage to see any other cousins because we had to get back to Boston for an appointment that afternoon.

On the drive home, Elanor just about had a heart attack when she saw REAL LIVE COWS through her window.  I had to stop and take a picture because the child was freaking out with the “COWS, COWS, MOOOOOOOO.”


Although a short visit, I’d still call it highly successful.

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